Baby Steps To Your BadA$$ Vision with Christine Kam-Lynch

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About the Course

Baby Steps To Your BadA$$ Vision with Christine Kam-Lynch

Do you have a dream for yourself in 1, 2, 5, 10 years and wondering how do you make that happen? Do you have goals that you keep missing? Do you treat your failures as the reason you should pack it all up and leave it behind?

If you said “Yes” to any of those questions, this course is for you. I get it. That dream, that bada$$ vision of yours is your Mt. Everest. Think about it, at approximately 30k feet or 9k meters, it’s the Earth’s highest mountain above sea level. The view from there is phenomenal, stunning, takes your breath away. Oh, but before you even get there, there is so much preparation, so much work to do. How do you even begin? Though we may not all be climbers, I’m sure we can agree that there’s some planning you need to do before you climb Mt. Everest, right? You need to research climbing companies, save up money, purchase gear, look at routes, and of course, start training.

So you started planning for Mt. Everest, and it’s a few months in, and inevitably the plan starts to go sideways, begins to fall apart, you realize you’ve missed some of your goals. Now what? Give up? No, don’t give up! Want to know the secret? The secret is to manage the plan, not juggle it. How do you manage? By reviewing the plan often, and making adjustments to your plan - these include your goals, your schedule, your time, maybe even timelines. Rinse and repeat.

Here’s what we’ll cover in this course….

  1. Project Planning: I’ll show you how to break out your vision into more bite-sized chunks.
  2. Goal Setting: Your goals should be SMART. This is an acronym, and we’ll review each letter so you can write SMART goals. Maybe your goals were missed in the past just because they weren’t set up correctly in the beginning.
  3. Activity Planning: We all have our to-do’s as we work towards our goals. These need to be planned out too!
  4. Resource Planning: Just as Pilates is for everybody doesn’t mean you teach everybody, the same applies here. Just because you identified all the things that need to be done for your bada$$ vision doesn’t mean you do it all. Some have to be sourced out. You need help, and that’s ok!
  5. Schedule Management: Let’s get those bite-sized chunks in your calendar. Let’s map your calendar so your priorities are there.
  6. Time Management: I know you have a life. So let’s see how to manage your time better to fit everything in.

At the end of this course, you’ll receive templates to help you on your way to achieving your "Mt. Everest" goal, as well as balance everything else you have going on in your life. These templates include a project planner, weekly/daily planner, process review template, and notes for goal writing and feedback loops.

Ready to tackle your Mt. Everest dream/vision? Let’s go!


Christine Kam-Lynch
Christine Kam-Lynch is a part-time Pilates Teacher by night and weekends, and a full-time Technology Program Manager by day, leading teams in the US and India. She is a former perfectionist, a current dog mom, an all-around compact firecracker who’s small and mighty, yet large in personality and laughter. She ...