Pilates instructor assisting her clients during Pilates exercise

How to Create Clients for Life

How to Teach After teaching for over 25 years in the dance and fitness industry, I learned many things...and one of those lessons is “how to teach”. ‘Knowing’ what to teach and ‘how’ to teach are completely different. From big box gyms, to boutique fitness facilities...
Pilates instructor helping her client during Pilates class

Empowering Self-Advocacy in Healthcare

Using Your Powers of Somatic Awareness for (even more!) Good As fitness professionals, you have a superpower: you walk around with a special X-ray vision for what’s going on in other people’s bodies. At a glance, you can see what’s connected, what’s right, or what’s...
Use Facebook to grow your Pilates business

Using Facebook to Grow Your Business (Even if You Don’t Like FB)

Your Personal Profile is Limited You may think that your clients are not on Facebook. Or, you may prefer other social platforms to Facebook and so you're not using it. But, what if Facebook had some beneficial tools for you to use? Wouldn't you want to use them? Let's...
Woman wearing eyeglasses smiling while working

Clarifying Your Message and Creating a Boatload of Content

Be Clear on the Message If you’re like me, you know you have a message to share, but you get stuck when it comes to sharing it because of one of two reasons; either, all the ideas come at you at once and you get overwhelmed, or, none of the ideas come when you need...

It is a recurring membership, meaning it will automatically bill you each cycle, so you don’t have to worry about putting in your credit card details again.

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