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Agency MINI is a 7 day sneak peek at the ongoing fitness business coaching program from Lesley Logan and Brad Crowell, founders of Profitable Pilates. You’ll get a taste of how the main coaching program works, particpating in a webinar, group call, and group chat. You’ll be able to ask any question you have about your fitness business – no matter the stage you are at! So, whether you’re a teacher, teacher trainer, home studio or brick-and-mortar studio owner, we invite you to join us for this week.

And, we know you’ll need at least 3 months to begin to see real change in your business as you begin to implement the advice and strategies that Lesley, Brad, and the group bring to the table, and we also know you’ll love it so much you’ll stay for longer!

Not in our time zone? Not to worry. We’ve got replays for you, and you can jump into the group chat whenever is convenient for you.

Agency MINI Members get these benefits:

  • 7 days of full access group coaching with Lesley Logan and Brad Crowell in a private Facebook Group. No question is off-limits!
  • 1 live webinar (with a 3 day replay) – Sunday, September 18th, 12:00 PM PST
  • 1 live group call (access to the replay) – Thursday, September 22nd, 1:30 PM PST

MINI starts on Sunday morning, September 18th  and closes Saturday night, September 24th. Lesley lives in Las Vegas, so we will operate in PST time zone.


Meet Past MINI Members

Here is what our past MINI members have to say about their transforming experience.

About the webinar

Growing Your Business in 2022

We are living and leading in during an unprecedented time. It’s easy in times like these where there is fear and unknown to be reactive. To make decisions about your business that can actually hurt you for the future rather than set you up. In this webinar, we will cover how to be proactive, survive, and thrive in 2022 and beyond. We will cover charging your worth, offerings both in-studio and online, and how to make your business work for you. There will be time for Q & A after. Bring your goals, your vision, dreams, and let’s help you take them and recreate how you run your business during this unprecedented time.

About the group call

Get Your Questions Answered

Every other month we have a Group Call in AGENCY. All members are invited to jump on and ask any question they may have about wherever they are in their business. It always becomes an incredible brainstorming session for all of those who attend, as you get to see yourself in the shoes of the person asking the question and garner amazing ideas that you could apply to your own. We’re going to host one of these only for MINI members, so bring your burning business (or life) questions to the call! We cover everything from strategy and tactical, to mental and mindset.


Your Cost: $62.50

Overall Value: $646.25

You save 90%!

Still Not Sure?

Don’t take our word for it – here are 6 videos from past MINI members who decided to join AGENCY after MINI was over.

AGENCY is the first-of-its-kind fitness mastermind and coaching group, led by Lesley Logan, author of the book, “Profitable Pilates: Everything But the Exercises,” and her serial entrepreneur husband and CEO, Brad Crowell. Lesley’s years of corporate and entrepreneurial experience will help you see through the confusion of growing your teaching or studio business. Almost all of the founding members are still here, 4 years later, and have seen real growth in their bottom line.

After the AGENCY MINI program, those who upgrade to full members of AGENCY would get these benefits:
  • Up to two webinars each month
  • 24/7 chat support where you can chat with Lesley and Brad and meet others in the group
  • Up to 12 group conference calls throughout the year
  • an “8: Mat+Reformer Weekly” membership (2 classes each week)
  • eBook of “Profitable Pilates: Everything But the Exercises”
  • 20% off additional webinars, 1-on-1 coaching calls, Cambodia retreats, online courses, and private Pilates sessions with Lesley

PRO members get the most value, benefits and accountability with their businesses. We also have Annual and Quarterly membership options, and more.

Please note, all charges are in USD.

It is important to add both and to your email address book. We will be sending you an invitation to the FB group and to the webinar and we cannot add you, you have to add yourself.

  • If you do not receive a confirmation email after registering for this program, contact us here.
  • We will not be adding anyone to the FB group until the night before the event starts, but you should apply for the group now.
  • If you do not receive a confirmation email after registering for the webinar, contact us here.

This program will change your business and your life. Can’t wait to meet you!



Agency MINI

7 Days of Online Fitness Business Coaching

with Lesley Logan & Brad Crowell

 September 18-24, 2022

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