Christine Kam-Lynch

Tech Team Leader, Instructor
Christine Kam-Lynch is a part-time Pilates Teacher by night and weekends, and a full-time Technology Program Manager by day, leading teams in the US and India. She is a former perfectionist, a current dog mom, an all-around compact firecracker who’s small and mighty, yet large in personality and laughter. She defines success as her life/balance of health, family, friends, work, and play while accomplishing some bada$$ goals in her vision.
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Baby Steps To Your BadA$$ Vision

Baby Steps To Your BadA$$ Vision

Do you have a dream for yourself in 1, 2, 5, 10 years and wondering how do you make that happen? Do you have goals that you keep missing? Do you treat your failures as the reason you should pack it all up and leave it behind? Here’s what we’ll...

Baby Steps To Your BadA$$ Vision

Baby Steps To Your BadA$$ Vision

You're Not Alone Too many people have goals, MISS their goals, beat themselves up over missing their goals, and write the SAME goals for another month. Is this you? Maybe your goals sound like action items, a TO-DO list of tasks to get done. A...

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