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Start a Free Trial

Sign up and download the app with our partner company. Chat to them in the app and set up a free call. They’ll help you get set up.

Add Your Clients

Our partner has an amazing customer support team. They’ll help you transfer your clients from any other software for free.

Get Paid

Collect payment through the app. (Transactions are processed with Stripe.) Clients sign your waiver and pay before booking with you.

Fully endorsed by Lesley Logan, founder of Profitable Pilates.

Clients Book Themselves

New clients can book through your website widget, or through your app. No more having to coordinate manually.

Text & Call

Finally, take your text messages back! Consolidate client messaging and calls through the app.

Simple Billing

Create, track and bill for client packages, memberships, one-time bookings. Set up your late-cancel policy and auto-charge/dock.

The only tool you’ll need to run your business

Consolidate all of your apps into one with our tool. Combine scheduling, invoicing, texting, automatic notifications, recurring billing, late cancellation fees, packages, waivers, and more. 33 tools in one, built for fitness pros just like you.

Coaching and legal contract templates

When we connected with our partner we were so excited about what they had built, and we asked if they could add fitness business coaching tools and our legal contract templates…

 (They said yes!)

Coaching from Lesley

Get coaching tips right in your app from Lesley Logan, founder of Profitable Pilates. Whether you need to raise your rates or find more clients, these tips will help.

Manage your team

Running a studio? Manage your team right in the app! They can clock in, manage clients, and even be paid through the app.

Accounting made easy

No need for other accounting tools. Export directly from the app and hand everything over to your accountant for taxes-made-easy!

Legal contract templates

Our attorney helped us create three legal contract templates that you can modify to fit your business. A client waiver, studio agreement, and covid waiver.

Dedicated Biz Phone Number

Connect or get a biz phone number to make/receive calls directly in the app. Plus, hook it up to automated text messages that can respond while you’re teaching.

Waitlists for Group Classes

Let your members book or cancel at will. Those who are next on the list will be notified they made it into class. So simple!

of app updates

Includes a desktop version with POS


Start Your

Free Trial

30 Day Free Trial. Our partner’s customer support team will even help you transfer your clients from your current app!

Frequently Asked Questions



Clients can book, pay, sign your waivers, and chat to you all in one app! Place chat widgets on your social channels and consolidate your point of contact.

Replace your front desk point of sale system,  sell merch, check people in through the desktop versino of the app, and maintain your bookkeeping to make your accounting super easy at the end of the year.

Studio owners, you can have your team clock in and pay them directly through the app.

Don’t have a website? This app can give you a simple landing page if you want, or you can embed your teaching schedule into your existing site.

No need to remember a dozen logins, passwords, emails… consolidate everything into one, amazing business tool that will save you time and money.


This app is HIPAA compliant! Your smart phone can allow you 2 factor login, your client intake forms are private with data transferred at 256-bit LLS encryption, customer data is saved into each client profile, not comingled, you have secure and private client communication, credit cards are stored through PCI compliant means, and more.


We want you to make sure that you are protecting your schedule!

The only way you can protect your schedule, no matter who you are, and what country, is if you actually make sure clients cannot text you to change it. 

You must use a scheduling tool to protect your schedule, period. You cannot have boundaries around your personal life and your work life if people have access to you on your phone. Cannot!

We partnered with this company because, after 10 years of coaching, and 10 years of watching teachers burnout and get exhausted, they’ve created all the tools you’ll need to protect YOU and help you run a smooth and functioning business.



Yes! Your clients will easily be able to create their own account (just like any other booking app out there,) add their credit or debit card, look through your classes and book right into what you’ve made available. Super convenient and easy for both you and them!

Your clients don’t want to download an app? No problem, because…


Yes! You’ll have a booking widget that you can embed right into your “classes” or “scheduling” page on your website. It’s very straight forward. They provide you with the code, you copy and paste… bam. Booking on your website.


Don’t worry, our partner even has an online booking page that you can create through your account. Meaning that if you don’t have a website to send people to, you can send them to your unique booking page instead!

You sure can! Whether you’re adding your website’s “classes” page to your social media account (where they’ll go to the booking widget you embedded,) or you’re directing them to your “booking page” (because you don’t have a website), you can just drop a link into your bio for people to quickly and easily book into your classes.



So inside the premium one for solo teachers, you can easily message like text like chat with your clients and not actually text on your personal phone number. It’s all for the app. But for the team’s one they can actually communicate with the team members in this tool as opposed to the studio owner texting the employees on their time off right like this is what’s so really awesome. For those of you with teams, you can actually then have the chats happen within the app schedule it out to go out when you need it to go out to them the information go out but they can they can receive it as as they are working which is I frickin I’m obsessed with. So yes, please see, okay, refer away.

  • Accept payments fast from anywhere on your mobile device
  • Use your camera to scan cards
  • Built-In fraud detection
  • Instant automatic payouts
  • Faster Checkout
  • No Setup Fees
  • No Monthly Fees
  • No Monthly Minimum

Charge clients for any service or product at any time with a card swipe or by inserting the chip into a POS card reader. (Our partner has one you can buy!)

If you don’t want any hardware, you can just scan the client credit card or type the card number directly into the app from your phone.



Charge clients for any service or product at any time with a card swipe or by inserting the chip into a POS card reader. If you don’t want any hardware, you can just scan the client credit card or type the card number directly into the app from your phone.


You're giving me free contracts?

We sure are!

After years of coaching fitness businesses we found that most either don’t have, or aren’t consistent in asking people to sign, waivers and client/studio agreements.

Since we truly believe that you should be protected when teaching, we went to our attorney.

Together (well, mostly her) we created three legal contract templates for you that you can fill in with the appropriate information.

This way, when someone books into your class through our partner’s amazing scheduling tool, they’ll be prompted to sign your waiver and agreement prior to completing the booking!

The three contracts are valued at $1200.


After spending a solid month working with our attorney, we rolled THREE legal contract templates into ONE, that you can easily modify (step-by-step directions are included) and your clients can sign before they complete their booking with you.

We’ve rolled your:

  1. Client Waiver,
  2. Studio Agreement, and
  3. Covid Waiver

… into one legal contract template.

You can confidently offer your classes knowing you are more protected than before because you had your clients EASILY sign your paperwork, and it’s all stored in one place.

And, if you aren’t feeling confident that you can make the adjustments to the template yourself, just come back to us and we’ll connect you to our attorney directly (obviously you would have to hire her – but we’ve worked out a good rate for you.) She can work directly with you to modify your template to fit any additional needs you may have.


How much does it cost after the free 30-day trial?

After your 30-day free trial:

Premium (for 1 teacher) : $49.99/mo

Teams (starting at 2 teachers): $59.99/mo. Additional teachers, add $9.99/mo.

If you think it’s expensive, look, coaching, and legal contracts are are more expensive. The free trial iss for 30 days.  The premium this is for one person. So you get all of that amazing stuff I talked about for $49.99 a month and the coaching videos and tips are in there. If you have a team of people, for the studios that have multiple people, that it’s $59.99 a month for two people. You can have as many teachers as you’d like on there for an additional $9.99 a month per user. Remember, you get payroll in there, and you can do team tasks in there. And that’s really freaking awesome.

How much for team of two studios? So it’s for that it’s going to be based on the amount of people on the team. And so what I would suggest is to get into the free trial, play around with it, and then you’ll be able to see like how much it will actually cost you to add on extras.



So So anyways, what so I am really, really excited for I think, first of all, it takes I know it takes for me what I see it as, as those people I’m already coaching is taking their business to another level, because it’s just like another way to really dial things in and make get rid of the glitter and make outsource and automate things where you might actually feel like you have to hire a VA for that, like this is a VA in your pocket for way cheaper than even an inexpensive VA, I’m gonna be really honest, as someone who has them. And then for those of you who are not getting coached by me right now, maybe that’s a dream of yours. Maybe that’s something you’ve thought about. This is one way to get that just like some little tidbits to make sure that you’re staying in line, because it is so easy to look at other people’s businesses, and think that that’s how you have to run yours. And I promise you like you don’t know if they’re successful, so do not, do not like, go okay, well, I’ll just do it the way everyone else is doing it. No, that’s why I put these videos in there. I literally tell you this, if memberships are great if I literally say package, they’re great. If in fact, if you do this packages will run like memberships. Like there’s literally auto renew on packages, if you want it to do that. How frickin cool is that? Yeah, so, so cool

Lesley Logan 1:04:44
Yeah, so great question. Oh, it’s sorry. Sagrario they sell right? So yeah, beautiful name, my coaching so you can go to profit to see the opportunities to coach with me. I currently am only coaching people, one on ones and in small groups, and then weekly inside of our coaching app through that program. So there are three different memberships you can look at. And I hope that you do. We are on a mission just like my mission and all three of my businesses more bodies dream Pilates, and Brad always laughed, because I repeat this all the time, but I’m not a taco, not everyone will like me. I do a lot. I think it’s hilarious. It’s so funny, right? I mean, like, think about it, everybody likes us. There’s all these different versions of tacos, right? So not everyone’s gonna like this one, there’s a people who are gonna like you. And if you burn out, if you’re exhausted, if you can’t get your idea that if only I had time to do off the ground, and the people that you are the only person on this planet that can actually teach them burns out, then what happens? My mission doesn’t happen. And I can’t allow that.


Okay. So before we were trying to launch this tool with them a long time ago, and we decided to wait, then the reason we decided to wait is because they are building into the tool away for Lesley to incorporate coaching to you directly in the app, where it will effectively be some sort of a post where she can post on there. And you know, share, like, you know, what’s on her mind and what she’s focusing on and continue to share to you business coaching advice. And, you know, these are going to be something that she can share to you, you know, once a week kind of a thing. And all you do is log in the app and maybe


a little love notes from LL, like reminder, if you haven’t raised your rates in a year, it’s time. Jane, to answer your question every six to 12 months, you should be raising your rates always train your clients, they always go up even if like your stuff goes up, okay? Every single thing I use to run my business re increases their prices every year. So if you have not raised your rates in over a year, you’re actually losing money teaching the same amount.

Brad Crowell 56:12
Yeah, your your electricity got more expensive, right? So why why would you not be offsetting that in your costs that bill

Lesley Logan 56:18
at your coffee pot for your clients got more expensive. So here’s the thing, like, I understand that that gets really scary. And that’s a different webinar. It’s a different money mindset thing. That’s something I coach all of our agency members on. And those little coaching that notes I might be like, hey, just reminder, I know you’re freaking out. I know that, you know, because here’s the thing, what’s so fun is two years ago when the pandemic happened, I knew is like, Oh my God, nobody knows how to teach on Zoom, like very few people do it, people are gonna be scared, they’re going to be discounting their rates to teach on Zoom. And I immediately threw a webinar together, and I had a market it and the people who saw it for the algorithm came, and they got those tips, and they had to pay a lot of money for that webinar. But if you’re on my tool, I can be like, Hey, I know you’re thinking of you get to switch to zoom again, your rates are the same. Just a little reminder charge the same, because your time and your value are not determined by the walls that surround you. So a little love notes like that. Just little reminders like you’re doing amazing things in your business. You’re a business owner, you’re a business owner, you’re not a job. Yes, your business owner,


Tammy, just to answer your question about how does this compare to agency coaching as far as far as like the coaching goes, that’s in the app, think of the app more like coaching light, right? It’s one way where we are sharing our thoughts. It’s it’s not the same as like having a one on one phone call or what we use, you know what we do with our group chat. It’s not the same as that

Lesley Logan 57:42
like I like so like Tammy, you couldn’t chat back to me in the app and be like, hey, Lesley, I have a client who’s having this problem that can happen that is happening only in the coaching group. Yeah. But you know, so if you have if you have agency and this Yeah, well, I mean, come on. That’s the golden like double what it’s like called like a double rainbow. You know, but if you forgot about that, but if you but if you if you’re not ready for agency, things like that, or you are you know, like maybe you can only afford $49 a month, but you want to have some coaching. That’s Here you go, boom, right there. It’s still a rainbow and it’s still beautiful. Yeah, they’re still they’re still treasure within a bit. All right. So free trial. Try it out. Um, I’m really really excited about this. If you have friends who are in the fitness industry teaching industry. Yeah. That’s right. We’re gonna call this a double rainbow package get this. So here’s the deal. I’m really excited about this.


so I teamed up with the it’s an eight year old company pocket sweet founded by a female, she’s the CEO is a female and she’s freaking cool. And and when I met just sat down to meet with them, y’all she was on the call this is not like this is a big deal. They’ve been wanting to make sure that they created something that was in line for teachers like you and guess who knows teachers like you better than anybody. Yeah, because I’ve coached over 1000 businesses in the last four years. And so I’m also a teacher, I’m also you know, I have taught in studios, I’ve been a renter and employee, I’ve ran studios, I’ve owned my own studio, I have a home studio, I’ve run retreats, workshops, all the things,

Brad Crowell 1:00:43
we’ve also hopped from app to app to app to app over the years, you know, and, you know, we so we had quite a list of like requirements of where it was like, We need all these things. And then because of the coaching that we’ve been doing with many of the fitness business owners, some of you are here, you know, we’ve heard what you need, what your requirements are. And so when we sat down with them to go through the list, it was a long list.

Ultimately it’s a TON of work to build an app like this, and it would have taken us years to do what our partner has already accomplished!

Lesley Logan 1:01:08
It’s a long list.

Brad Crowell 1:05:55
So and the reason that we went out looking for an app to work with is because in our coaching group agency, like Leslie was just talking about the conversation about apps and scheduling tools has circled back through so many times that it became really clear to us like wow, what if we could work with it’s with a team that can solve these problems? So that’s literally why we were connected with them and we’re really excited about it. So you know, try try that out. Check out that free trial.



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Onboarding calls are FREE?

Some of our competitors are charging upwards of $200 to onboard… not here! We worked it out with our p…


okay, if you have more than five team members, they do have an additional fee per team members but that’s because they’re doing they have other things that go with it that they’ll help you with which is really great. And again, they have a whole team just for you. I helped out with and and then to go back to Lisa’s questions and someone else’s questions on the on the on the waivers you can actually modify yours to be for virtual so you can you can adjust that as well. Great. Okay. I teach for two studio owners man I suggested this them as well CLK please do. They can also each do the free trial. And and then they would look at the team’s premium feature. And like, I hope that they do because again, the payroll and they’re super fun. The team tasks like you can literally assign tasks also so fun, right?


Okay, so the next thing is what? What payment processor do you use? This is from Teresa. This is a really good question. Hello.


Okay. Yeah, we have an amazing support team. So here’s the deal. You’re not like this, the people I partnered with, they have an entire support team. And this isn’t a support team. Like your other ones. I’m not going to name names where like, you actually can’t get a real human on the phone. They actually have real human means. And you can actually schedule anyone like them to call you can they’ll actually get back to you in a timely fashion. They are the most patient people in the world. I have to I’ll tell you this right now. I know. I look super tech savvy. I’m sure you’ve heard my husband. And there’s a lot of things that I’m super awesome at. And I have asked melodically learned when it comes to technology, because he’s gone camping, I’m like, Okay, I think I can figure this out. But the reality is, is that like, I don’t code, I just have demands, I have demands on like anything to do this. And then I have people who are like, Oh, okay, this is how it’s done. And this particular company, they have an entire support team to help you transfer everything over. And that’s what I’m so proud and excited about. Because you’re not you don’t have to deal with me and my support team who’s really good at helping coach you through your business, you actually get the people who created the tool to help you and they are amazing. Amazing. And thank you so much. Okay. Yeah, power of the people see, okay, it is it’s so much better. I just love human interaction.


Luis, so will contracts be they’ll have it for the UK? Well, currently, we’re not in the UK. And yes, there are templates. So what that means is, first of all, it’s actually really interesting, the two lawyers that we work with for profit Pilates, both of them do international contracts, because the there’s some things changed. But not as much insurance is a little bit more unique, right to the specific place that you’re at, but you’ll you can do is actually take the template to an attorney of your choice to review it, you’ll have to pay them, but you won’t have to pay them as much as building out the contract from the start. So that’s where the money is, if I didn’t spend it from the start, so having to spend a little extra money for a review won’t be so bad. So once our tool is available in the UK, those contracts or those templates will actually be available for you. And then you can have someone review them just to double check that it protects you for what you want. Great question.

I know my my international peeps. All you have right now is my amazing scheduling process. I promise you that’s going to rock your world and going to really
keep glitter where glitter belongs. Yes, over here. And not everywhere all over again. Yeah, no glitter bombs. And also just like you’re not focusing on the glitter because the glitter is so shiny the glitter is like, in the gloves like look at me and look at me and look at me. So I know that but for those of you who do have access to using this tool right now, please use it because here’s my also know to be true about me and this company, as you use it as you have requests as you have things Guess who’s going to make changes? I’m going to help you. I’m gonna help you because I’m here to help you do more of what you love, period.

Christine, as far as branching out to other countries, in Canada, I can’t make any promises to you. But what we have been really working on with them is making it happen in 2022. And we’re looking at the you know, the other the main countries that you you all actually talked about in the app, you know, you know up at the conversation. So those are literally already been discussing that with them.

Lesley Logan 1:03:51
Here’s what I would say, I would I would say is make sure all of your friends and your home country watch this. So you can still sign up for this replay to make them watch this. And then so that they are at least doing the gemstones and glitter because when we all are running our schedules like this, we stop having people like well, my other teacher let me book on her day off. And it’s like, Who is that teacher who is ruining my life right now? Right? So we all rise up together. And then second, the more people I can say are interested in trying this out, the easier it is for me to demand it.

Brad Crowell 1:04:25
So if you’re if you’re watching this and it’s the replay, and you’re interested in, in an international country, just please throw it in the comment. And we will consistently check this and we’ll go back and see like wow, okay, okay. Yeah, like really? The UK or Canada or you know, etc. Yeah, so keep us posted.


do the clients have to download sign up for the service, as well? Or does it go into their email? This is a really great question, Christi. So basically, there is a way for this to work on your website and also on an app on their phone. So you can just they don’t have to like, they don’t have to actually sign like they’re not paying to sign up for this. They’re just using your link. So you’ll actually have a unique link that works for you. And they’ll be able to do whatever you turn on feature wise to do that. So yeah, no, it’s not complicated for them at all.

They’ll have their own app that they can that goes to your business, but they don’t have to pay for that to use it.


When people are booking you train them to book and schedule their life around you. If you are constantly making accommodations for them, they actually don’t see that they need to protect their time with you. And I do have a coaching video in this tool on how to make sure you get clients to keep to keep up with their sessions, if they’re like, you know, trying to do a little rescheduled here and there. And we also have a course on profitable Pilates called Getting busy with what you’ve got. And also another scheduling one that really does train people to if they come two times a week, then they have to come eight times in a month. And if they missed a week, because they’re on vacation, then they owe you two weeks of three sessions. And so yes, I understand that feeling of like that, if I say no to them, I’m saying no to money. But I also promise you, if you use my process for making your schedule, and you train your clients to old, like they gotta book themselves, they’ve got to get in there and get it before it’s gone. And no, you don’t make accommodations, they’ll stop missing, they will stop missing.

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