Teach Pilates when you want to Teach

When you first become a Pilates instructor, it is easy to get in the habit of “YES!” Yes, I can teach at that time. Yes, I can teach at 6 am Wednesday even though you will have taught a client at 8 pm on Tuesday the night before. You’re new; you’re excited, and you want/need clients. So, you start out saying YES, yes and YAAS!!!

Last week’s blog discussed knowing your goals and being super clear about what these goals are. Only then can you know what you can say “yes” to and what to be saying “No” to.

We are continuing this idea into this week’s blog post but talking specifically about you and your teaching schedule.

Take a look back at 2016 (and for some maybe even a bit further back if needed) what times of the day do you love teaching? What times do you loathe teaching?

We often fear saying “no” to clients because saying “no” in a Pilates teaching business means saying “no” to money. I know we teach because we love it but that doesn’t mean we can’t make money while doing it. It also doesn’t mean we are beholden to the schedules of others. As Pilates instructors, we are in the “service” industry, but that doesn’t mean we “of service” to others; that we are at the beck and call of clients.

My goal this year and beyond is to help instructors rock their business bliss. Last week I launched the Profitable Pilates Webinar! It was a goal setting workshop. We started off by looking back to plan forward.Coming up on Feb 2nd, 12 pm PST I will be hosting a webinar based solely on teaching when you want to teach!

Some of you read that and jumped up and down. Others read that and roll their eyes. Why? Because you think “sure, in a dream world!” Or, “that may work for some, but I have this client or that client.” Well, my Pilates instructor friend I am here on this earth to tell you and to help you find the dream teaching schedule, fill it, transition clients and learn how to say “no” without feeling bad.

Tell me, do you know the ideal times you wish you were teaching?

If you could have it all what times and days would you teach? Share in the comments or save it for our webinar chat!

Take a blank calendar and write in your Pilates sessions (not your clients but the times you would take Pilates), fill in your stuff first. Then block out the times you would enjoy teaching. How many hours do you want to be teaching? Bring all of this to our next webinar!

It’s time that you teach when you thrive at teaching. Sign up here. Space will be limited so I can assure that anyone with questions can get assistance. Also, if the time doesn’t work for you, registrants have three days to watch and replay the webinar. But, you have to sign up!

See you on the 2nd

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24/7 Business Coaching with Lesley. Take that first next step.


2 thoughts on “Teach Pilates when you want to Teach

  1. I am realizing I’d like to teach a combination of morning sessions on one day and early evening on another. I thought it is a good idea to put the classes I like to take first in and then schedule my teaching times around that but it’s going to take some work for me to break myself of the habit 😉

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