Do You Need a YouTube Channel for Your Business?

As more and more people spend time doing video content you are probably wondering if you should be too. And, if you should have a YouTube channel or even IGTV content? Does any of this video help you get clients in your classes, studios, workshops and more?

I’ve been putting videos out consistently on Youtube for four years now. And, I love the benefits that YouTube has provided me. I will be sharing the pros/cons, reasons why or why not to have a channel. I will help you decide if a YT channel is right for you and your business goals and if it is what to put out on your channel, how often and more!

July 10th at 12:00pm PST. Replay for 1 week. $75.


Webinar: How to Create and Sell a Pilates Retreat

Leading a Pilates retreat is on your bucket list! But, how can you run a profitable retreat? How do you set it up, set a price for it and market it? After leading retreats for 3 years, both domestically and internationally, my husband Brad and I have do’s, don’ts and many tips to keep in mind to help you not just host a retreat, but make money doing it!

$99. July 24th, 12:00pmPST.

This webinar will be 90 min long and will replay for one week.