Webinar: Grow Your Business with Networks and Masterminds

Webinar: Grow Your Business with Networks and Masterminds

As a Pilates Teacher and/or Studio owner you have so much on your plate already. You teach, schedule, plan your clients’ workouts, market your business and then all the other things that keep the lights on. It’s easy to feel alone even when you are surrounded by so many others.

When I look back to the times my studios were the most successful it was when I was spending time with other Pilates teachers, studio owners, fitness owners and getting out of the studio and into the community. And, while it would be easier for me to say go outside and say hi to strangers I also know just how little extra time you have.

In my next webinar, we will discuss the power and benefit of networking and masterminds, how to best go about building your network or creating your mastermind and what to do to make the most out of networks and communities to really grow our Pilates business and bring you the clients you desire to teach.

See you live at 12:00 pm PST or enjoy the replay until July 21st.