Roxy Menzies

Movement Instructor, Writer
After years of teaching, treating, performing and presenting around the world, Roxy Menzies has returned and is now based in Toronto, Canada. Continually curious about the capabilities of the human body, mind and spirit, she is a lover of movement with an affinity for Women's Health and being an advocate for your own well-being. With a background in dance, Pilates, GYROTONIC® and Yamuna® Body Rolling, she infuses artistry, knowledge, soul and a "fierce sense of humour" into her sessions. She has taught in the Canadian Educational system, professional dance companies, Cirque du Soleil and European corporations. She still dabbles in the dance world after an extensive career in commercial and stage work including representing women for Nike Dance in Europe, training with The National Dance Theatre Company of Jamaica, dance pioneer Katherine Dunham and an original member of Toronto's first all female Hip Hop dance group. Roxy's vision is to guide, educate and create safe spaces for individual's to explore their own movement potential. She is an accomplished freelance writer for various publications, copywriter for wellness professionals, and has been a regular contributor to Pilates Anytime and Healthline.
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5 Reasons to Include Writing in Your Fitness Business

5 Reasons to Include Writing in Your Fitness Business

Content is Gold Have you ever considered writing for a publication?  Or maybe you’ve been asked to write on a topic you’re passionate about but didn’t know where to start. It’s easier than you think, and even easier if you’ve already started a...

Can You Travel Around the World Teaching Pilates?

Can You Travel Around the World Teaching Pilates?

Teaching and Traveling Pilates Pro's as you know I love teaching and traveling! But, this week's guest blogger Roxy takes teaching and traveling to a whole new level. She has a wonderful story to share and tips for you to take your Pilates teaching...

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