Lindsay Moore

Communication Specialist
Lindsay Moore is a DONA-trained birth doula, healthcare consultant, and former hospice volunteer. She also holds a Communications degree– all that's to say, talking about birth, death, and everything in between comes pretty naturally for her. She is passionate about helping her clients have the most empowering and present healthcare experiences possible, balancing an evidence-based approach with honoring each person's intuition and expertise on their own bodies. Having seen firsthand how excellent support can mean the difference between 'suffering' and 'transformation,' Lindsay is on a mission to create a culture of ownership around our health by promoting compassionate listening, fierce advocacy, and a real, "F*, yes" attitude.
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Empowering Self-Advocacy in Healthcare

Empowering Self-Advocacy in Healthcare

Using Your Powers of Somatic Awareness for (even more!) Good As fitness professionals, you have a superpower: you walk around with a special X-ray vision for what’s going on in other people’s bodies. At a glance, you can see what’s connected,...

Empowering Self-Advocacy in Healthcare

Empowering Self-Advocacy in Healthcare

As fitness pros, you’re already adept at helping others to develop greater somatic awareness, and reflecting back progress you see in terms of their flexibility, strength, and confidence. But how can we take that a step further, and support our...

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