How to Create Clients for Life

A great instructor who can keep and create clients for life is a colorful instructor and teaches their classes with all personality types in mind

How to Teach

After teaching for over 25 years in the dance and fitness industry, I learned many things…and one of those lessons is “how to teach”.

‘Knowing’ what to teach and ‘how’ to teach are completely different. From big box gyms, to boutique fitness facilities I’ve found that coaching the teachers (talent) is not a priority to the leaders and gym owners. That is so surprising to me! Then I’d hear teachers and owners say…”This is just not a good time to hold a class.” And I call, “B.S.”

If clients love a particular teacher, they will come hell or high water to get to that class. They are clients for life! And it’s usually dependent on a formula that I’ve derived from teaching over 10,000 classes.

The formula is not usually based on all skills, (skill can serve as a huge component, however, we are not focusing on that here) however we tend to think that the most skillful instructors will have the most clients. And that sometimes is not the case. I’ve seen horrible instructors have plenty of clients and it’s usually because they are really good at this formula.

Pilates instructor assisting her clients during Pilates exercise
If clients love a particular teacher, they will come hell or high water to get to that class. They are clients for life!

Four Quadrants for Personality Types

I break down my training into 4 quadrants for personality types: RED (leaders/dominant), GREEN (workers/logical), YELLOW (social butterfly/fun), BLUE (steady and stable/loving).

We are made up of ALL of these personalities, however, we usually will teach the way ‘we are’. For example, if you are a logical thinker (green) you will tend to teach your classes in a logical format. That means that you are cutting out 75% of the market of other personality types that may want to take your class.

A great instructor who can keep and create clients for life is a colorful instructor and teaches their classes with all personality types in mind. Create your classes and private training with all of the personality checkmarks in mind and your clients will feel like they’re getting their money’s worth. They will leave saying, “Wow, I love that class!”

Clients vote with their feet! Just because they’re not vocalizing why they’re not returning to your classes, they are letting you know what they think by not returning. When they don’t return, something is missing. Either they didn’t like the class, the music, the instructor started late or it could have been a gazillion different reasons.

I am not saying that this formula is a 100% money maker, however, I am saying that you have a better chance at keeping more clients around longer with less turnover if you create colorful classes.

Let’s say you have your marketing down, your website is on point and your social media is amazing! You get clients to show up to your classes, however, they just do not seem to stick around. Something might be off in the formula and it’s time to look deeper under the instructor hood.

Pilates clients doing side plank exercise on the Pilates Reformer
Your clients will feel like they’re getting their money’s worth. They will leave saying, “Wow, I love that class!”

Change that Lifetime to Forever

In this one-hour course with yours truly, I discuss all of my secrets about how to keep clients for life and shorten the turnover rate. I suggest listening to this video over and over again. I am an audio and kinesthetic learner so listening over and over helps me (P.S. This is a great way to teach your classes too! Give help for all visual, audio, and kinesthetic learners)

Here’s to creating clients for life and shortening your turnover rate. Most gyms have a turnover rate of 6-9 months and at my gym, I had a turnover rate of 3 years…I’ll show you how to do that here in this class.

Happy learning!

How to Create Clients for Life

Did you know that the average lifetime of a client at a fitness studio is 8 months? What if you can change that lifetime to forever? In this lesson, Joanna Vargas will be giving her 3 step process on how to create clients for life and how to train your instructors to do the same. Also, in this lesson, she will discuss what USP means. Joanna has owned a successful dance studio with 700 students and a fitness studio with more than 200 students. With more than 20 years of studio experience in, she has discovered what it takes to build your classes and instructors.

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Joanna Vargas

Joanna Vargas creates her life. A powerhouse entrepreneur right out of high school, Joanna never worked corporate and chose the path less traveled. At 20 years old she formed her corporation, took all of her savings and produced a dance showcase in Hollywood called The King of Pop. With Joanna’s quick (some might say crazy) work ideas, this venture quickly turned into a dance competition called Maxt Out now going on its 20th year. Using keen street smarts and with no professional business training, she created Jayvee Dance studio by the time she was 24 and built that business to 700 students. A true serial entrepreneur, Joanna sold that dance studio and prepared to design her next download (from The Universe). Joanna recognized a gap in conversations about mindset and physical form when it came to fitness and responded with the solution, The Fit Factor Studio; a wildly successful brick and mortar fitness studio catering to women, their mindset and living fully. In the process, Joanna’s own work-life philosophy, built on the principles of asking better questions and getting really curious about life, inspired her to make the choice to close the physical doors and go completely virtual with The Live Fully Academy. Now serving women all over the world with her Three F’s; Form, Fundamentals and Fun, a new thought leader for Gen X and Millennial women. Known for her open book candor and positive vibe, Joanna proposed to her city that she start a 5K run, it was then the Pumpkin Run 1K/5K/10K Halloween event was born. Her superpower is getting butts in seats, and this run brings 1,500 runners every year with no paid advertisements (a little fun fact for our fellow entrepreneurs). By the time she was 32 she was running four businesses and choosing for her. With learning how to choose herself, she now facilitates other female business owners to do the same. This summer Joanna launched two new podcasts - The Get Up Girl and Dance Your Life. The Get Up Girl is a rally cry for all the women who are different and were taught to choose for others, who are now ready to Get Up and choose for themselves. Dance Your Life is a podcast of dance conversations, for dancers, by dancers and developed to educate dancers all over the world with stories and wisdom. Awarded Woman of the Year Congressional Honor by Congressman Adam Schiff and Woman of the Year Congressional Honor by Judy Chu, Joanna is a well respected female business owner and creator. Named Business of the Year by her city along with many other business awards, Joanna has earned her way to the frontlines of business during times when choosing yourself and the roads less traveled were not celebrated. With the entirety of her career devoted to inspiring her sisters to wake up and live fully, 2020 is poised to be Joanna’s biggest year yet. The Get Up Girl is her latest creation to surpass her upper limits and expand energetically to avenues she hasn’t discovered yet, and YOU are invited for the ride as she redefines what getting back up really looks and feels like.


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