The Number One Way to Get New Pilates Clients

It’s probably the number one question I get. How do I get more pilates clients? How should I market to get more clients? Should I pay for an ad campaign? Discount services? The best and one of the easiest ways to get new clients is really in your control. You don’t have to discount (and shouldn’t ever cut yourself) to get them either.

The world seems to move faster and faster thanks to technology, even though so many ways in how we do things have changed. The way to get more clients is still the tried and true Referrals way.

Sure, things have gone online. While you may miss the way, things used to be. Be thankful for the online culture when it comes to referrals. Nowadays it’s great “word of mouth.” Your clients can “check in” tweet, share their Pilates win’s with a quick press on their phone or computer.

Think about it. Would you rather go to a hairdresser based on looking up “hairdresser”? Or would you rather ask the person with fantastic hair walking past you on the street? Are you going to sign up for a membership at the gym down the street based on convenience?  Or, check out reviews and ask friends who enjoy working out where they go?

You want more clients you need client referrals. Client referrals can come in a multitude of ways. Your existing clients can refer their friends, co-workers, and family to you. They can write reviews online, so strangers find you. Remember with social media they can “check-in,” tweet and post about doing Pilates with you!

In April’s PPG call we’ll go into detail about how to get these referrals. For now, what can you do? Be the best Pilates teacher that ever was! Focus on teaching your clients great Pilates, watch your students get stronger and help them hit their goals and shout it from the rooftops. Then join me in April and find out how your fantastic teaching can be used to get you more business for you, your studio and teachers.



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