Client Referrals: Reward Your Ambassadors (2 of 4)

Welcome back to another challenge in Client Referrals. Several of you have emailed me on your progress.  Client referrals do not happen over night. Once you let yourself off the hook on the pressure to get those referrals “yesterday” you can start planting the seeds of referrals today.

Last week you were challenged to get “Social” make it easy for your clients to sing your praises. This week your challenge is to find out who your Ambassadors are. Which of your clients can’t wait to sing your praises? Which one already has and will do again without being prompted?

There is a “Lesley Logan button” pretty much anywhere I send people.  If you go to my hairdresser, there is a Lesley Logan Button! What does that button get you? 20% off your first visit. Yep, strangers off the street mention my name at her salon and BOOM! 20% off. My dentist gives you $50 off your visit if you drop my name. My massage therapists give extra time to those who use my name. I actually cannot think of a service that I use that doesn’t give something to those I refer. Why? Because those business know the power of a referral. Especially one of mine.

I am an Ambassador. I am the client you want. I may only see my hairdresser or eyebrow girl or dentist a few times a year. Yet, for them and their business the referrals make all the difference. Those few times I am in their chairs each year helps them fill those chairs on a daily, weekly basis. It’s not because I get some sort of kickback (although they have in the past and may surprise me in the future) that I refer them business. It’s because my experience with them rocks. They are experts at what they do. They make me feel great, look great and they deserve to have the opportunity to do that again for someone else.

I love referring people to those who deserve it. I try to only patron business places that I would be proud to share with others.

I am the client you need. Do you have me? Look at your roladex or iphone contacts. Which of your clients has told you that they have told people about you? When new clients come in, whose name have they credited? Often it’s not always the client who comes every day to you. In fact my biggest brand ambassador in my teaching business comes once a week. 60% of my clientele has come from her and her husband. In my coaching business, it’s a girl I coached in one weekend workshop. My biggest brand ambassadors are not the clients who I get the most dollars from directly. But indirectly… well, I am truly thankful for them.

This week, sit down and take a look back through your clientele. Who are your Ambassadors? How can you thank them? Thanking an Ambassador is like lighting a match. They can’t wait to share the flame with a new candle. If you feel you are too new, or maybe your Ambassador moved across the country – not to worry. A new one will find their way to you. They may even be in your schedule already, but just haven’t made their presence known. Go back to last week’s challenge. Make it easy and accessible for your current clients to sing all about you while the stand in line at a coffee shop or are browsing Facebook.

Keep your eyes and ears peeled for your next ambassador!

Next week we’ll discuss what to you can do for your current and future ambassadors. One last thing: Continue rocking each clients session. For it’s the great teaching that you are doing that your ambassadors are singing about.


This post is one of a 4 part blog post series: Client Referrals

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