Is Your Pilates Website the Best Employee You Have?

Learn the foundation you'll need to engage the right web developer for you, or even learn to build one yourself

Purpose of a Website

When was the last time today that you used the internet? Now take a minute to think about the assumption in that question… We use the internet all day, every day. Whether that be through our laptop, desktop, television, or emails on our phones, we’re online. And if we’re online, you can bet your clients are online too. I’d say this is a pretty obvious conclusion – considering our own email, Facebook, and Amazon habits – and we already know that our businesses need to be online too, right? Don’t they say that your website can be making you money while you sleep? Well, I certainly want that, but how does that happen? What does a website need to be (or do) for it to work around the clock?

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If we’re online, you can bet your clients are online too

Websites Are The Best Assistants

My name is Brad, and my partner and I run a small, friendly web development company called Striped Rhino. We’ve developed more than 75 websites in the past four years, including quite a few for Pilates instructors and studio owners. We have built both of Lesley’s current business websites, for Profitable Pilates and Lesley Logan Pilates. And, on Saturday, April 1st, I’ll be joining Lesley live on a webinar at 1:30 pm PST to talk about exactly what your website needs to be and do for you to turn it into that 24/7 employee that you are looking for.

We’ll be discussing a few topics that Lesley blogged about when she interviewed us in her article Pilates Website Tips from Web Developers and more, including:

  • How your website can convert a viewer into a client
  • The key pages your website needs, and why
  • What “mobile optimization” means
  • Why you want your site to be SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly
  • Why you never want to “set and forget” your website

If you hear Lesley tell it, her websites are her best assistants. They are constantly collecting new email addresses and prompting client phone calls. They are easily found if someone is searching for Pilates in her area, and also showcase her authority on the subject. Both of her websites convert viewers to paying clients; we’ll be talking about how on the webinar.

On April 1st, Lesley and I will be talking about the methodology behind her websites and giving you a checklist that you can take back to your website – just to make sure it’s working as hard for you as it should be. And what if you don’t have a website? Join us on this webinar to learn the foundation you’ll need to engage the right web developer for you, or even learn to build one yourself. You can register for the webinar below, or contact Lesley here if you have questions before you sign up.

Click Here to Register for the Webinar: What Your Website Needs


Brad Crowell of Striped Rhino

Lesley Logan, Pilates business/studio owner's working area
Websites constantly collecting new email addresses and prompting client phone calls. Websites are best assistants!

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Brad Crowell

Brad Crowell manages the day-to-day operations and the team at Lesley Logan Pilates, Inc., a company focused on "more bodies taking Pilates." The three brands,, and, respectively focus on Pilates classes online, fitness business coaching and Pilates retreats. Brad is a business development specialist focusing in operational work flow, social media marketing and relationship building. He is comfortable as the organizational lead in a project management setting. He also has over 6 years of experience managing online interaction for multiple brands, from online marketplaces to social networking to healthcare to music. His fields of expertise include user experience and interface design, SEO, community development and account management. Specialties: Functionality and User Interface Design for websites, Account Management, Developing work flow processes, Business Administration, Operations Management.


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