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CEO of Profitable Pilates
Brad Crowell manages the day-to-day operations and the team at Lesley Logan Pilates, Inc., a company focused on "more bodies taking Pilates." The three brands,, and, respectively focus on Pilates classes online, fitness business coaching and Pilates retreats. Brad is a business development specialist focusing in operational work flow, social media marketing and relationship building. He is comfortable as the organizational lead in a project management setting. He also has over 6 years of experience managing online interaction for multiple brands, from online marketplaces to social networking to healthcare to music. His fields of expertise include user experience and interface design, SEO, community development and account management. Specialties: Functionality and User Interface Design for websites, Account Management, Developing work flow processes, Business Administration, Operations Management.
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Getting Rejected to Success with 200 Noes

Getting Rejected to Success with 200 Noes

Getting new clients is easy, they say. “Just go meet people,” they say. Sounds logical, right? You need to meet people in order to connect with potential clients… But pandemic aside, what does that even mean? How does that work? What the heck do...

What Your Pilates Website Needs

What Your Pilates Website Needs

Whether you already have a website for your Pilates business or are thinking of having one this course will help you get the most out of it. Your Pilates website is open when you are not, it's there for future clients to find while you're teaching,...

Create, Sell and Lead your Own Profitable Retreat

Create, Sell and Lead your Own Profitable Retreat

In this 90 min course, Brad and I will cover everything you need to know to dive into Retreats! We have been leading retreats of our own for over 3 years now, both nationally and internationally, small and big! We will cover how to: determine...

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