Bridgette Boucha

CPA, Former Corporate CFO
Part woo woo, part woo hoo! Bridgette is a seeker of expansion. She is a CPA, former corporate CFO, who left her traditional career in pursuit of greater impact and fulfillment. She stepped into entrepreneurship with both head and heart wide open in order to change the conversation around money. Her mission is to help entrepreneurs simplify their money in order to amplify their impact. As founder of The Betterment Project, she enthusiastically coaches, mentors, speaks and facilitates experiences designed to empower you to build a business that doesn’t compete with your goals, but one that helps you REACH them.
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Optimizing Your Personal Finances

Optimizing Your Personal Finances

In this course, you will set new intentions with your money. Doesn’t that sound refreshing? Money is just a tool to live the life you deserve. Show up for your money and your money will show up for you. You will learn tips to get visibility to your...

Optimizing Your Personal Finances

Optimizing Your Personal Finances

The Money Monster Are you afraid to look your money monster in the face? You’re not alone.  In fact, many people avoid their finances and hope for the best.  Hope is not a strategy.  We know this, yet…..we continue to ignore the very...

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