How to Spring Clean Your Pilates Studio: Your SEO (Wk 3 of 4)

Go, Google and ask yourself what you like, don't like, and make notes of what to change

Are You Googleable?

Are you Googleable? Yes, it’s a word! Go ahead you can double-check me. According to, it means “something that is able to be searched on google” or “your ability to be searched on Google”. If ever you wanted to be anything it’s to be “Googleable”. So, are you?

I taught a workshop recently where a studio owner told me that she didn’t need any more clients. She was already too

busy. An awesome problem to have. However, tomorrow two clients can move, and another could need a break for surgery. If you’re in my neighborhood operations and on-location shoots take clients in and out of town regularly. So, that “too busy” schedule…well, it can be snatched from you in an instant. Why wait until you have room in your schedule to be “googleable?”

Hand holding smartphone with laptop in the background
Go ahead! If ever you wanted to be anything it’s to be “Googleable”.

Google Yourself

In this past PPG call, I spoke about Google as part of your Spring Cleaning. You’re already cleaning up the studio and your desk. It’s time to move to your “desktop.” First thing is to Google yourself – just like you did a “drive by” of your studio. First, use a browser you are not signed into. Then, stalk yourself as if you were a potential client. First, stalk Pilates in your area. Who comes up? Are you near the top?

If nothing comes up, you might breathe a sigh of relief. No news is good news, right? Wrong. No news, good or bad, means no one can find you. You don’t exist. I’ll cover your online profiles on another call, but today’s customer wants to connect with you. They want to know and be able to know who you are. If they can’t find you…they’ll go with the teacher/studio they can find.

After you have perused Google then search out your social media handles. View them as a public person, not as one who is signed in. For Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter you can view your profile publicly with the click of a button or just use Google. For you technically inclined, you can also use Google Chrome’s Incognito Window. What do you see? What don’t you see?

This week’s spring cleaning challenge is about seeing what’s out there. What information can the public find out about you and your studio? If you were them… would you find you? Call you? Take a session?

Go, Google and ask yourself what you like, don’t like, and make notes of what to change. Next week I’ll review how to clean up your online image, amp it up and make it all your own! Google may be a big beast, but you can still maintain some control over what future clients can see.


This post is one of a 4 part blog post series: Spring Clean Your Pilates Studio.

Lesley Logan, Pilates business/studio owner holding her phone and smiling.
They want to know and be able to know who you are. If they can’t find you…they’ll go with the teacher/studio they can find.

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