PocketSuite® Onboarding & Training

The Profitable Pilates Edition

We’re here to help you get started! Watch the webinar and app walk through below.

We’re so grateful to Kim from PocketSuite for shraing her time with us to teach us how to use the app. Seriously, what other scheduling tool do you know who would go out of their way to really help with onboarding? Well, aside from this webinar, you can book 3 calls with their onboarding team who can help you import your clients from your existing tool, get you set up to collect payments, and configure your services, classes, packages and subscriptions.

In the webinar we covered these topics and answered these questions:

  • How do you know if you’re using the Profitable PIlates Edition of the PocketSuite app?
  • Clicking the “start 30 day trial” button to get started
  • Tips for getting set up with the onboarding wizard when you start your trial
  • Setting your schedule
  • Services vs Classes vs Packages vs Subscriptions
  • Contracts, how they work and how to modify them
  • Taking client payments
  • How to contact Support + your 3 complimentary onboarading calls
  • Lots more!

Webinar, Slides, App

Training Webinar

Slides from Webinar

Mobile/App View of Setup

Haven’t watched Lesley’s free webinar on making your ideal schedule? Click here https://ditchingbusy.com

Haven’t downloaded the Profitable Pilates Edition of the PocketSuite app yet and started your trial? Click here https://prfit.biz/app

Stuck? Chat to PocketSuite directly in your app by going to the Chat Icon in the bottom middle and finding their Support Team in there. You can also schedule 3 free onboarding calls with them by going to the Home screen of your app.

Still stuck? Contact the Profitalbe Pilates support team here.

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