Power in the Pause

Having the clarity and alignment of why slowing down is critical in your life

Your Inner Roommate

Have you ever stopped to witness the internal dialogue that is constantly going on in your head? One of my favorite authors, Michael Singer, calls it your inner roommate.

Not sure what I am talking about? Pause for a minute. Hear that voice in your head? Yah, that’s the one.


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Taking time out to PAUSE is a ‘good thing’ to do

My Personal Transformation Journey

It’s currently 11:30 am on a Tuesday and my inner roommate is having a great debate around taking the time to PAUSE. Literally mid debate I could hear the voices of my family, friends and clients that seem to struggle with the exact same thing. Conceptually, we all know that taking time out to PAUSE is a ‘good thing’ to do. Yet it is consistently the area that seems to trip us up the most.

Why? Because we live in a society and culture that is so CONDITIONED to believe that doing more will net the greatest return in our lives. How has that been working out for you? I know in my personal story the constant hustle and grind led to increased stress, anxiety, burn out and ultimately a physical dis-ease in my body. My rock bottom forced a PAUSE in my life. This was the PAUSE that ultimately led to my personal transformation journey.


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Slowing down will recharge yourself both physically and mentally


Now, every time I work with a client the first thing we do is SLOW DOWN – CREATE SPACE – PAUSE. It is in these moments where we can finally hear ourselves think, connect back to who we truly are and move into flow states where creation and long-term transformation occur.

As I worked through my own personal debate today I remembered that adding a PAUSE into my days is simply a non-negotiable. Having the clarity and alignment of why slowing down is critical in your life will support you when your inner roommate shows up in attempt to take you off course.

How are you creating space in your days, weeks, months and year to slow down? Is this an area you need to focus on?

If you are struggling to pause, to slow down, to create space then this is the course for you!

Much love,



Power in the Pause

There’s Power in the Pause! As high performance entrepreneurs and small business owners we are often faced daily with ‘doing’ more to achieve the results we want in life & business. But, what if we reversed this conditioned belief system to PAUSE! Jackie Serviss shares the neuroscience, mindset hacks and lived experience that there truly is POWER in the PAUSE. The results have been profound including Increased innovation, strategic alignment and scaling your business to the next level.

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Jackie Serviss

Jackie Serviss is a seasoned Human Resources Executive and Certified Executive Coach (CEC) with over a decade of assisting leaders in aligning people strategies and talent acquisition best practices to scale their organization. As a business owner and people strategist, Jackie leverages her leadership & integrated approach to drive strategy around talent planning & forecasting, organizational design, leadership development coaching, change management & staffing services. With a passion for driving sustainable business growth through the power of people, Jackie is focused on strategic partnerships with leaders to drive results, build teams and create sustainable impact. Facing disruptors in today's business landscape with a consistent lens on talent is at the forefront of all organizations. Jackie has developed a method to attract, develop and retain high performance talent and is here to help you assess your needs and construct the people strategy that is right for you. Jackie’s experience working with companies like PepsiCo, Toll, and BlackRock, along with startup founders like Plexxis Software, Spitzen Limited and Legacy Coaching has given her the ability to create and produce attainable organizational talent plans that can scale up or scale back with ease. If you are trying to figure out what to do to grow the amazing talent on your team, or attract the best talent into your company, connect with Jackie today to assess how best to get started.


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