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I’ve been able to really zero-in on what my clients need, keep my teachings creative and exciting, and run a profitable business that I deeply enjoy!

Set Yourself Up For Success With This Easy To Follow Course!

“Have Skills, Will Travel” is practically my mantra!

I’ve been a traveling Pilates instructor all around Southern California for 3 decades, and I love it.  I teach in homes, private gyms, and in offices.  My clients really love it, too, which explains why I usually retain most of my clients for an average of 10 years. Some I’ve had for more than 20 years.  

Is it because I’m such an amazing instructor?  Why, Yes, I am! And so are You! How do I know this?  I know because you’re considering a different, much more personal way to reach the people that need what you have to offer.  This means you’re an instructor who likes to find solutions and make connections with your students.  Maybe you already teach a few clients in their homes.  Then you already know that you’re engaged with your clients in a more intimate way and that you’re solving a real problem out there.  

Tami-Adrian George owner of Tami’s Take On…Pilates. Rehab. Nutrition.
I’ve found there are some systems you need to have in place.  Trust me, I’ve made mistakes, big and small…

What’s the problem? TIME. Let’s face it, all of us have lives that are more complicated than ever.  Between fully-loaded work days, family obligations, wrangling traffic, and everything in between, it’s no wonder that people often let their fitness fall by the wayside.  That’s where traveling instructors come in.  We help keep fitness goals on track, we counter the life-stresses,  and we provide a few hours a week of personalized attention.  Some people find gyms and studios to be intimidating places.  In their eyes, everyone else seems so much more advanced and, instead of enjoying the process and growing at their own pace, they just stop going altogether.  And now that we live in a post-pandemic world, some people are just not comfortable returning to any kind of shared exercise space.

Meeting your clients where they’re at can be rewarding for both of you!

In the many years I’ve been teaching this way, I’ve found there are some systems you need to have in place.  Trust me, I’ve made mistakes, big and small…

  • Like not charging enough.
  • Like being a wuss when it came to enforcing my own cancellation policy.
  • Like when I agreed to tally up completed sessions and then send the invoice to a client’s business manager!

A Different Aspect of What You Need

I know. What was I thinking?

Well, now I’ve gathered the lessons I’ve learned and set them into a course called STRUCTURING YOUR BUSINESS TO BE A TRAVELING INSTRUCTOR

The Course is divided into 3 Chapters.  Each one will cover a different aspect of what you need to do to ensure that your business will thrive and that your clients will be delighted.

Chapter 1 is probably the most important chapter.  This is where you’ll do some research and determine if traveling to clients’ homes is even the ideal situation for you. You’ll learn:

  • How to assess an area or town to see if you can expand your business there.
  • How to set your ideal schedule.
  • How to set the tone for in-home sessions.

Chapter 2 is all about your Toolbox.  Here, we’ll discuss all the things you need to keep that professional polish in such casual settings. Like:

  • The types of forms and written policies that let your clients know you can have fun and still be on top of your business.
  • Considering what kind of equipment you’ll be using in your sessions.
  • Keeping yourself safe at all times, in all situations!

Chapter 3 is where we’ll talk about the dollars.  This can be a very lucrative way to teach!

Here you’ll learn:

  • Your Magic Number…the formula that will help you determine what to charge for your services and your time!
  • Why you never poach clients!  It’s a business killer!
  • how to take an honest look at the Pros & Cons of running a business this way.

By the end of this course, not only will you know if this style of teaching and client management is right for you, but you’ll also have the tools to do it the right way! Plus, you’ll have access to the course forever and you can reference back to the sections you need , as you need them.

Being a Traveling Instructor has been such a rewarding experience for me.  I’ve been able to really zero-in on what my clients need, keep my teachings creative and exciting, and run a profitable business that I deeply enjoy!

Tami-Adrian George

Pilates woman smiling after her Pilates workout with headphones
Keeping yourself safe at all times, in all situations!

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Tami-Adrian George

As the owner of Tami’s Take On…Pilates. Rehab. Nutrition., Tami has spent more than 30 years as a Sport-Specifc Pilates Instructor. She’s designed hundreds of custom programs that get her clients results. She began her career as a founding instructor at Perfectly Fit, Inc. in San Marino and La Canada, expanded the Pilates Program at The Jonathan Club , and honed her rehabilitation skills at both Verdugo Hills Urgent Care/Workers Comp and at Rapid Rehab. From the start, clients would inquire if she could bring her unique style of teaching to their private, at-home or in-office gyms. So She Did! Sure, there were a bumps along the way, but they were all important lessons to learn. Now Tami runs her entire business as a Traveling Instructor, with a robust waiting list. She’s works with everyone from CEOs to nationally-competing athletes, from weekend warriors to fitness fraidy-cats!


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