Upcoming Pilates Events You Don’t Want to Miss

Broaden your skills and increase your earning potential with these upcoming Pilates workshops

Pilates Workshops

I’m super stoked about what is to come in the next couple of weeks! Mark you calendar and click on the links below to all the goodness coming up for your Pilates practice and Pilates business.

Pilates Day Retreat #4

Jeni Del Pozo and I are back in action bringing you a unique way to work your Pilates magic and deep dive into the Pilates work. Often we forget the brilliance of Joseph Pilates. If you can’t “get” an exercise instead of trying to do it “right” over and over again try a different exercise somewhere else! Join us this Saturday Jan 28th from 2:30-5:30 at Westwood Pilates. We have swag from the amazing Sweatty Betty, Pilates Nerd and Great Soles.

Pilates Instructor conducting a workshop
In-person workshops to support your Pilates practice and Pilates business.

Pilates Instructor Business Webinars

Here is the upcoming schedule of all things Pilates business workshops LIVE online and the best part is you can join me from anywhere.

  • February 2nd 12pm PST Teaching Your Ideal Schedule 
  • Feb 23rd 12pm PST – 1:30pm Pst $50 How to Convert First Time Clients
  • March 16th 12pm pst-1:30pm pst $50 Class Pass Discounts and Special Offers 
  • March 30th 12pm pst-1:30pm pst $50 How to handle Difficult Discussions (cancellations policies, firing a client)
  • April 13th 12pm pst- 1:30pm pst $50 Charging what you are Worth
  • April 27th 12pm pst-1:30pm pst $50 Pilates Studio Marketing 

Aloha Maui!!!

Yes, I am teaching Pilates in Maui with the incredible Pilates instructor Arlene Taus Salomon. We have sunrise and sunset Pilates classes, two workshops and food that you will never forget. Check out this interview with our Retreat chef!  Snag your spot here.

So, the question is….What events are you coming to?


Pilates group class workout
Pilates Retreat in Maui are unforgettable and and opportunity you do not want to miss!

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Lesley Logan

Lesley Logan fell in love with Pilates after her first 100! From side-hustle to full time, she jumped from teacher to manager to running multiple studios. She wrote a book that focused on the business of Pilates, which grew into ProfitablePilates.com and is now a business coaching program called Agency. Take class from LL at OnlinePilatesClasses.com and listen to her podcast at LesleyLogan.co/podcast. When not in Las Vegas she travels, leading workshops and retreats around the world.


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