Your Value Statement! Why it Sets YOU up for YOUR Success!

Get clear on your values and let your voice have the freedom of your expressed potential.

Shout Your WHY

Success is not a one size fits all plan. Ultimately at the core of your brand and/or business(es) you should have a strong value statement, filled with propositions that tell your ideal customer avatar or potential customer what you stand for. Your value statement and propositions will also grow with you over your professional journey, so use this course as a foundational way to always check in on your WHY behind the WHAT you’re offering to the end-user.

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Success is not a one size fits all plan.

When you truly know your value(s) and stand TRUE in them, it fully empowers you to authentically mean what you say, say what you mean, own your voice and shout your WHY from the rooftops. Plus, you can do this simply with a 3-step process that big brands “bump” their mission, vision and purpose up against on the regular.

Get Clear on Your Values

I always say, “Stop letting your smoke alarms go off at 3 am,” when you can firmly get clarity on what you stand for and change those batteries on the regular. PLUS, you can use this course and exercises inside to finesse your bio and digital presence on all platforms. Think of it as a regular oil change for your Facebook business page, website, Instagram profile, and more.

Stop feeling exhausted by the “I don’t know what to say and where to say it,” diatribe. Get clear on your values and let your voice have the freedom of your expressed potential!

Erika Quest
Founder, Level Up MVMT and NCPT

Defining Your Value Statement

Success is not a “one size fits all” plan. The variables that contribute to YOUR unique version of being successful can be honed into and defined if you develop and tie back to a value statement which is personal to you. It doesn’t mean you need to get a fancy game-plan or try to emulate someone else’s trajectory. It means you need to get clear and clean up / establish your voice and who you are or want to talk to when sharing your work. Be it teaching, coaching, running a studio and more, a value statement is like keeping your 9 Volt batteries updated in your smoke alarms. STOP letting them go off at 2 am (because you know that always happens) and get a good night of sleep knowing who your audience truly is and then reach out and talk to them.

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Erika Quest

I used to sell cheeseburgers, true story…As a self-proclaimed “Certified La Pistola” I’ve been in the international fitness, wellness and Pilates education business for over 16 years traveling and speaking worldwide. I help instructors Level Up their programming, movement and coaching skills through creative curriculum development, research-backed strategies and user-friendly plug and play formats. Find me worldwide and virtual as premier presenter at many fitness and wellness conferences including Pilates on Tour, Pilates Method Alliance, IDEA®, ACSM, SCW, AFC, Pilates in Asia and many more. And yes, I’m a former corporate marketer who specialized in fast-food clients and I left the biz and took a BIG LEAP into studio ownership, freelance marketing and much more in 2005. My joy is creating community, championing and supporting others and delivering my passion of Pilates and integrated movement. NCPT Certified, Balanced Body® Master Instructor, FAI Trained, BASI™ Graduate, BOSU Elite Master Trainer.


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