Danielle Stead

Danielle Stead Blanton is an attorney and business coach, working with fitness professionals to create and grow more efficient and profitable businesses through policies and procedures, legal agreements, financial modeling and one-on-one business coaching. Using her experience as a studio owner and investor, and her perspective as an instructor herself, Danielle advises and assists clients of every size across 3 continents. In her past life Danielle was a D1 collegiate national champion water polo player, turned corporate attorney at a major international law firm. She lives in her native Los Angeles with her husband and husky.


Cover Your Ass(ets)

Join fitness business coach and attorney Danielle as she breaks down the important legal, liability, and operational contracts and procedures that ALL fitness businesses must have in place for your physical or online studio.

Danielle is going to teach you exactly what your business needs to be legally protected and run as efficiently as possible, whether you're a studio owner, personal trainer, group fitness instructor, online trainer, or a combination of the above.

We're going to discuss the importance of your Liability Waiver, Terms or Service, Privacy Policy, Membership Agreement, and COVID Liability Waivers and protections.

All course participants will receive an interactive workbook and business checklist to self-assess their business and find any potential liabilities or hiccups.

Instructor:  Danielle Stead
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