“Want More Clients? These MUST DO Writing Exercises Can Skyrocket Your Fitness Business” with Allison Evelyn Gower

Instructor:  Allison Gower
Course Dates: Open-ended
Enrollment Dates: Enroll Anytime
Who can Enroll: Anyone
Course Language: English
Price:  $120.00

About the Course

"Want More Clients? These MUST DO Writing Exercises Can Skyrocket Your Fitness Business" with Allison Evelyn Gower

Whether you’re a pilates teacher, yoga instructor another fitness pro, the #1 stress I hear from dedicated exercise & health entrepreneurs:

“What do I say to get dream clients to book with me?!”
“I am teaching a new workshop but...what do I say? How do I describe my class?!”

Good. News. Getting people to buy from you is NOT rooted in having expensive Facebook ads or fancy celebrity clients. The truth is that when you share your raw personality and unique stories in the RIGHT way, amazing clients will be magnetized to working with you. *And while most people are tripped up on the word “authentic”, I’ll show you how to tap into what is REALLY unique about yourself.”

If writing as yourself is hard, know there is NOTHING wrong with you. You don’t need an English Lit degree or business background to write the social media captions and emails that show people how much you can help them.

That’s why I packaged up my years of working with and teaching 100s of entrepreneurs to grow dream businesses through expressing themselves in powerful words. If you want website pages, emails and Instagram captions that truly sound like you and get raw, genuine engagement, I have your back.

You will emerge from this digital experience racing to write stories with a new invigorated excitement. In this workshop, I reveal:

  • My absolute best 3 shockingly fun exercises that help you write like the real slim shady YOU
    The ACTUAL reason you find it hard to type out your About page and doubt what to post on Instagram - and how to overcome this ingrained psychological hurdle
  • My highest opened email stories and subject lines with formulas you can apply for yourself easily
  • The #1 mistake fitness entrepreneurs make in writing that actually turns prospective clients away (and what to do instead)
  • And more

I can’t wait for you to emerge from this finally seeing how unique you are, witnessing how FUN writing can be and realizing what stories will not only feel exhilarating to share - but bring in dream clients happy to pay for you, top dollar.


Allison Gower
Allison Gower
Allison Evelyn Gower is a Forbes-featured copywriter and brand coach. Originally from the world of commercial production, she shows go-getters how to unleash their unique personalities and write to dream clients so they buy-buy-buy. Allison’s hosted guests like John Lee Dumas on her podcast “Brand with Bite”, been heard on ...