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What originally started as a book for new and existing Pilates Instructors to gain insight on the business is growing up. It’s more than a book. Much MORE! Profitable Pilates is an online community where instructors and studio owners come together for business coaching and inspiration. Find your ‘why’ and the pathway to your ‘where’. Learn a set of tools and embrace a new mentality.

New Instructors, Veteran Instructors, Studio owners and every Pilates Teacher in between has one thing in common: You love to teach Pilates! You’re incredible at teaching Pilates. You spent hours, years studying the method. it’s time you share this knowledge with those in your world and make a living doing it. That’s what Profitable Pilates is all about. Taking your love and making a business out of it.

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• PRO - 12 months. Automatically renews.
• Annual - 12 months. Automatically renews. Can upgrade to PRO from Annual.
Cancel at any time and stay through the remainder of your billing cycle. See our cancellation and refund policy here.
• All pricing is in USD. Membership subscriptions renew automatically at the end of each billing cycle. Membership rates are locked in (meaning we will not raise rates for current members.)
• Annual: One 30-minute check-in call included each year.
★ PRO: Four 55-minute accountability calls included, to be used once each quarter.
* coaching calls cannot be carried from one quarter to the next
* coaching calls are no longer offered ($360 per call) to Non-Agency-Members
✓ Annual: Your choice of one webinar (out of two) each month
★ PRO: Both Webinars each month (no need to choose!)
* Annual Members get 2 extra webinars that you can watch at any point during your 12 months (normally $115/each for non-Agency-members)
✓ Six 90-minute Group Coaching Conference Calls (one every other month) throughout the year for all members.
★ 6 additional 90-minute Group Calls for PRO members on alternating months (12 total group calls for PRO members)
You're not alone! Meet other fitness entrepreneurs in the AGENCY members-only community on calls and in our group chat.
Chat with other members in our safe, private group chat. Stay anonymous if you choose. 24/7/365 Chat Support.
★ PRO: Get private PRO member channel
Digital access to Lesley's book, "Profitable Pilates: Everything But the Exercises
AGENCY members get a free subscription at, including one 30-minute Mat and one 30-minute Reformer class each week.
20% off additional webinars, 1-on-1 coaching calls, Cambodia retreats, and other online courses.



$499 for three months


1 per month

1 every other month


This membership will get you a value of $2,313.75 for only $499.


Annual Subscription

$1,999 each year

One 30-min. call/yr

14 per year

6 per year


This membership will get you a value of $10,850.00 for only $1,999 each year.


Annual Subscription

$3,499 each year

★ Four 60-min calls/yr

★ 24 per year

★ 12 per year

This membership will get you a value of $17,460.00 for only $3,499 each year.

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