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Does this sound familiar?

You’re a great fitness instructor or studio owner. You’re frustrated with your business and are needing this year to go better than last.

Most fitness business owners face the following:

Need to make more money
Never seem to have enough clients
Have a “swiss cheese schedule”
Never have time to do admin
Feel totally alone; nobody else understands

Most fitness business owners want the following:

Enough money to pay themselves fairly
Enough clients to pass them along to their team
A schedule that is predictable and consistent
Time for lunch that isn’t interrupted by admin
A supportive person or community to talk shop with

If any of that describes you, then keep reading…

I’m Lesley. You probably knew that. But just in case you didn’t, welcome. I’m glad you’re here because this is the best place you could be if you want to make a change in your business.

I started AGENCY because nothing like this existed when I was trying to figure out what it meant to be running my own fitness business. Along my path I started taking notes. Those notes became a book. That book grew into a blog. That blog turned into coaching calls, which quickly grew into AGENCY, a private mastermind group where I get to spend time with instructors and studio owners like you!

We talk about all the things I did to take my practice of private clients to over 6-figures in sales a year, before opening (then closing) my own studio, launching an on-demand membership platform, selling courses, workshops and more.

AGENCY members tend to stick around, and the group helps each other now. Why? Because last year AGENCY members made more money, got more clients, hired better teachers, built beautiful websites, started marketing themselves, freed up more time for their friends and family, and they are really happy about it.

I think you’ll love AGENCY too, so join me! What are you waiting for?


Here’s what some of the current AGENCY members have to say.

What have you enjoyed the most in AGENCY?

The feeling of connection with a wider professional community but not so wide that I feel lost in the masses! Rather, I feel that there are sufficient individuals from different backgrounds and situations to receive useful feedback and ideas, but not so many that I feel “lost”.

What has been the most helpful so far?

I find it really helpful having the step by step suggestions in the webinars of how to go about doing things. Eg. Increase prices. (Work out the price, work out the date, write an email to clients, send email 1 mth before etc.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with LL?

Thank you so much for all of your help so far I really feel like I am no longer in this journey alone. Thank you xx

What have you found most valuable about AGENCY so far?

I love having someone with experience in management to bounce ideas off of, consult regarding important decisions I want to make, and for advice on situations I come across. The positive vibe and feel of the community is also a huge plus.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with LL?

You are adorbs and inspire me every day. Thank you

What have you found most valuable about AGENCY so far?

Being able to reach out to a pilates community I can trust. FB forums can’t get almost scary sometimes so it’s nice to have forums that are professional. The newsletter webinar really got me motivated to write a newsletter at the beginning of the month. Having accountability to a group but also to LL.

What have you enjoyed the most in AGENCY?

Being able to have someone to chat to if things get tough or if I get stuck with something in my business. I don’t feel as alone.

What’s your favorite thing about AGENCY?

Personally I’m really enjoying the webinars because I appreciate the in-depth discussion on a specific topic. The coaching calls are like an uplifting check-in.

How has AGENCY helped you reach your goals?

Agency provides real time tools that I have been able implement immediately into my business. It also helps to simplify issues and problems with strategies and resources within the group.


With Members on 4 Continents
Across 14 Time Zones, who are teachers,
home and brick & mortar studio owners!

Men and women from all teaching styles
Many have been in AGENCY for more than a
year… (some for FIVE!)

Agency Member Coaching Selection Guide

Lesley Logan

Goals, action planning, ideas, becoming known, getting unstuck, setting + raising your rates, collaborations, social media.

Brad Crowell

Website, SEO, operations, growing + managing a team, project management, Magic Number, hitting your income goals, assessing if you’re ready for new income streams, anything tech (including filming or podcasting), sourcing and creating products.

Erika Quest

Online and offline studio management and growth, general business, virtual platforms, lead generation, marketing planning and execution.

Alex Street

Storytelling, public speaking, and brand identity.

Roxy Menzies

Content creation, content strategy, idea generation & clarity, general business, writing, publishing, proposal & grant writing, work travel.

Kersten Veronesi

Content marketing, Social media, Blogging, Email marketing, Marketing strategy creation and development, Brand and reputation management.

Rachel Piper

Training programs and materials, learning style identification and integration, size inclusivity, neurodiversity, intuitive actions, interviewing and team building, short and long term strategy, organization and action planning, technical writing and review.

Introducing the Agency Membership

An exclusive fitness mastermind group with Lesley Logan. Our members teach yoga, Pilates, barre, dance, physical therapy, and personal training. Some work at large gyms, some have home-studios, some own brick-and-mortar studios.

Members enjoy the following:

Two Webinars Each Month

Lesley’s business webinars are now for AGENCY MEMBERS ONLY! She hosts two each month. Teaser and Annual members get to choose one for free. PRO members get both.

Group Coaching Calls Each Month

Every month Lesley will host a 90-minute group coaching call to talk about topics of your choice, exclusively for AGENCY members. Teaser and Annual members get 6, PRO get all 12.

Save 20% on Other Purchases

AGENCY members get 20% off most purchases on, and, including:
– Retreats
– Coaching Calls
– Courses
– Online Pilates Sessions
– Pilates Workshops, and more…

#Slack Chat Group

Need an answer to your burning question or simply some encouragement? Chat 24/7 directly with Lesley or the other AGENCY members in a private Slack chat group. And, stay anonymous if you prefer! PRO members have private channels.

Weekly Online Classes

AGENCY members get free access to Lesley’s weekly online Mat and Reformer classes at Support both your mind and body!

Free e-Book

Members will receive online access to Lesley’s book, Profitable Pilates: Everything but the Exercises.


Save $ With an
AGENCY membership


Cost (USD)

1-on-1 Coaching Calls


Group Coaching Calls


Chat Support

Bonus Chat Channels

Lesley's eBook Membership

Member Discounts

• PRO - 12 months. Automatically renews.
• Annual - 12 months. Automatically renews. Can upgrade to PRO from Annual.
Cancel at any time and stay through the remainder of your billing cycle. See our cancellation and refund policy here.
• All pricing is in USD. Membership subscriptions renew automatically at the end of each billing cycle. Membership rates are locked in (meaning we will not raise rates for current members.)
• Annual: One 30-minute check-in call included each year.
★ PRO: Four 55-minute accountability calls included, to be used once each quarter.
* coaching calls cannot be carried from one quarter to the next
* coaching calls are no longer offered ($360 per call) to Non-Agency-Members
✓ Annual: Your choice of one webinar (out of two) each month
★ PRO: Both Webinars each month (no need to choose!)
* Annual Members get 2 extra webinars that you can watch at any point during your 12 months (normally $115/each for non-Agency-members)
✓ Six 90-minute Group Coaching Conference Calls (one every other month) throughout the year for all members.
★ 6 additional 90-minute Group Calls for PRO members on alternating months (12 total group calls for PRO members)
You're not alone! Meet other fitness entrepreneurs in the AGENCY members-only community on calls and in our group chat.
Chat with other members in our safe, private group chat. Stay anonymous if you choose. 24/7/365 Chat Support.
★ PRO: Get private PRO member channel
Digital access to Lesley's book, "Profitable Pilates: Everything But the Exercises
AGENCY members get a free subscription at, including one 30-minute Mat and one 30-minute Reformer class each week.
20% off additional webinars, 1-on-1 coaching calls, Cambodia retreats, and other online courses.



$499 for three months


1 per month

1 every other month


This membership will get you a value of $2,313.75 for only $499.


Annual Subscription

$1,999 each year

One 30-min. call/yr

14 per year

6 per year


This membership will get you a value of $10,850.00 for only $1,999 each year.


Annual Subscription

$3,499 each year

★ Four 60-min calls/yr

★ 24 per year

★ 12 per year

This membership will get you a value of $17,460.00 for only $3,499 each year.


Starting at $192.04/week with

*You will be taken to our financing partner’s website

Learn more about myAbundant


What are the rules for Agency?

We are so excited that you all have growing businesses – and we want to encourage you all in every way possible. Please note, however, that we are specifically cultivating a safe, educational space here in AGENCY. We want to build a community of like-minded, forward thinking entrepreneurs who will hopefully meet each other in person someday! In order to do that, we are mapping out some rules that we would ask you follow.



  • – You’re welcome to ask other guests for help, insight, advice, whatever you need. And it would be superb if you’re up for sharing your expertise with others when they’re in need of a little guidance.
  • – Lesley will pop in pretty much every day but may not be able to address every question that comes up – especially since we’re spread across 8 time zones! This isn’t a place to say, “Lesley, can you just write my newsletter for me?” However, Lesley is happy to read and provide feedback on the copy you have written.
  • – Need technical help, like with logging in? Please reach out directly to Brad, who’s on hand to keep things running smoothly: [email protected]. You can also DM him here in Slack.
  • – Please respect each other (and don’t gross us out) by keeping this a pitch-free zone. You’re already vetted as someone who knows better, but just in case:
  • – That includes buried pitches like, “I’m feeling vulnerable about this landing page for my flagship course that’s helped thousands of Pilatinis® scale from 5 to 8 figures in a year! Which logo do you like best?” (PS, that’s my trademark – and part of the joke.)
  • – Agency is NOT a place for you to sell to each other. It is a place for you to learn how to sell to your audience. Because the other members here in Agency probably also know your audience, just in a different time zone, country, or language.
  • – We have, however, created a safe place to share your events, guest speakers, etc, over at #your-events. You can always mute this channel if you want.
  • – And let’s keep things positive, to help each other make strides. To that effect:
  • – Post your wins! We have a #clientwins channel for that. Winning is contagious.
  • – Please keep the language upbeat. Not fake-upbeat, but if you’re in a whiny, victimy mood (which we all get in), try & reframe it – OR, you can post in our #i-need-a-moment channel, which is dedicated to feeling angry and needing a place to vent.
  • – We would encourage you to also post a win on the same day you are posting a moment, because have you noticed that reading complain-y posts brings you down?

Other than that, grab a coffee & start mingling!


If I purchase the Annual, can I leave after 1 year?

Yes, you sure can!

Agency memberships automatically renew (you’re signing up for a subscription), but you can cancel at any time before your renewal date and still keep access through your current billing cycle.

For example, if you join with an Annual membership in January and cancel in February, you would still have access to your Agency membership for the remainder of the year.

What are my benefits as an Agency member?

All AGENCY members receive:

  • – 20% off LLP retreats in Cambodia
  • – 20% off in-person or online private Pilates sessions
  • – 20% off coaching calls
  • – 20% off all Profitable Pilates Courses (see your welcome email for code)
  • – Access to OPC Mat and Reformer classes
  • – Lesley’s e-book
  • – 20% the second webinar of each month (PRO members get all webinars)

*PRO members receive both webinars each month at no extra cost, and Annual members get two free webinars to use whenever they would like during their membership year.

If I join Teaser am I committing for a full year?

Teaser members are signed up for only three months at a time! It’s not an annual membership broken up into 4 payments. Teaser members don’t get the same benefits as Annual or PRO members, and ultimately will end up paying more for a full year than if they had joined an Annual membership.


What if I'm not PRO and I want both webinars for the month?

Annual members have two ‘freebies,’ or bonus webinars that they can choose to redeem at any time. If you’re a Teaser member, or an Annual member who has already used their 2 bonuses, you can still choose to purchase the second webinar in a given month for 20% off of $95.

PRO members are always registered for both webinars each month, automatically.


What if I can't attend the live Webinar or Group Call?

No prob! While we love for everyone to be on live with our guests, we get that it’s not always possible. You can always catch the replays, and/or send in any specific questions you have for our hosts ahead of time (please give us at least 2 business days to make sure it gets captured, and we’ll do our best!).

Webinar replays are available for exactly 2 weeks from their live date.

Group Calls are posted into their Slack channel and are available as long as the link is visible in Slack (it will bump off eventually as we keep chatting with each other.)


What if I missed the Webinar replay?

Oh no! We try to be flexible when possible, as we totally get that once in a while things slip through the cracks. But now that some of these webinars are being turned into courses, we won’t be able to make exceptions.


What is your Refund Policy?

We do not offer refunds!

We work with those who are COMMITTED to moving their businesses forward, who KNOW they need support and community, and are itching to get started. If that’s you, you’re not going to want a refund, we’re sure of it.

Not quite sure? Schedule a call with Brad by clicking this link

Why work with me?

You’ve already seen my blogs, webinars and
courses, but you might not know my background.

• 15 years teaching
• 8 years studio mgmt
• 7 years as… an author, workshop presenter and business coach
• 6 years of retreats
• 5 years teacher training
• 4 years of on-demand classes

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