Client Referrals: Identifying your Ambassadors (3 of 4)

We already know I am a big fan of my hairdresser. While so many of my referrals continue to see her on a very regular basis (often more than I), they are not all shouting from the rooftops about how amazing she is. Why is that? Your clients love you or they wouldn’t come back week after week, package after package. So, what makes some shout and others zip up? Continue reading

Client Referrals: Reward Your Ambassadors (2 of 4)

Welcome back to another challenge in Client Referrals. Several of you have emailed me on your progress.  Client referrals do not happen over night. Once you let yourself off the hook on the pressure to get those referrals “yesterday” you can start planting the seeds of referrals today. Continue reading

How to Fill up your Pilates Classes

How do you go about filling up your classes? How did those restaurants get those tables filled? It’s all about the experience! Continue reading