Monica Linda

Photographer, Founder GirlSquad
Monica is a ground-breaking creator & branding photographer based in Los Angeles, CA. She takes women from feeling invisible, to becoming experts in their businesses. She has worked with women all over the US who are crushing it in the field of solopreneurship and on their way to building empires. Since the launch of her business, Monica has photographed over 500 women, and her team is in high demand for the most popular events in Los Angeles, while making over 6 figures doing it!
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How to Create Content in Less than 15 Minutes

How to Create Content in Less than 15 Minutes

This course is hosted by Monica Linda, creator of Girl Squad, LLC. Monica is a Branding Photographer and Community Builder, who can take you from guessing what your brand strategy is to have a cohesive look from professionals. In How to Create...

Creating Social Content in Less Than 15 Minutes

Creating Social Content in Less Than 15 Minutes

Feeling Stuck? Hello squad! Have you ever started your day feeling like you had no idea what you should post for the day? Or that all of your social media content has been used before? I get it. I get how you must feel when your business is...

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