Claire Sparrow

Pilates Studio Owner
Mum of 3 Claire Sparrow is a Second Generation Pilates teacher, Polestar Pilates Educator & Pilates studio owner since 2005 where she specialises in women’s health & Post-Graduate Pilates Education. Claire is a straight-talking and inspiring Scottswomen with an inclusive and rigorous approach to teaching Pilates. She has an absolute passion for all things Pilates, building communities and inspiring and supporting people to discover the possibilities within themselves, all whilst maintaining a sense of humour. Claire is the living embodiment of “you are the architect of your own happiness”. After discovering Pilates in 1998 as a young dance student when it resolved her debilitating knee injury she has been evangelical about the benefits ever since. Teaching since 2002, Claire has a wealth of qualifications and never stops learning - training with Pilates Institute, Fit To Deliver, APPI, STOTT, Natural Bodies and of course Polestar, and most recently, becoming a Second Generation Teacher graduating from the Lolita San Miguel Master Mentorship Program 2019. Claire founded her Online Studio in 2020 to create accessible education for women with pelvic health conditions & teachers from apprenticeship programs bridging the gap between training and teaching to specialist mentoring in Pelvic Health & how to balance self care with an efficient teaching schedule.
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The 21st Century Pilates Gym

The 21st Century Pilates Gym

Why would you want to teach the 21st Century Pilates Gym? In this chapter, we will cover time efficiency, financial planning, client autonomy, teacher autonomy, and increase attendance without increasing your hours. What is it is the 21st Century...

The 21st Century Pilates Gym

The 21st Century Pilates Gym

My Version of Pilates Gym Our only non-renewable resource is our time. As Pilates Teachers, we are only too aware of this. What do we do then when we reach our capacity of time and the ceiling of what we can charge for a private? What if I told you...

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