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What are the community rules for Agency?

We are so excited that you all have growing businesses – and we want to encourage you all in every way possible. Please note, however, that we are specifically cultivating a safe, educational space here in AGENCY. We want to build a community of like-minded, forward-thinking entrepreneurs who will hopefully meet each other in person someday! In order to do that, we are mapping out some rules that we would ask you to follow. 


  • You’re welcome to ask other guests for help, insight, advice, or whatever you need. And it would be superb if you’re up for sharing your expertise with others when they’re in need of a little guidance. 
  • Lesley will pop in pretty much every day but may not be able to address every question that comes up – especially since we’re spread across 8 time zones! This isn’t a place to say, “Lesley, can you just write my newsletter for me?” However, Lesley is happy to read and provide feedback on the copy you have written.
  • Need technical help, like with logging in? Please reach out to our support team, who’s on hand to keep things running smoothly: [email protected]. You can also chat to our help desk:
  • Please respect each other (and don’t gross us out) by keeping this a pitch-free zone. You’re already vetted as someone who knows better, but just in case:
  • That includes buried pitches like, “I’m feeling vulnerable about this landing page for my flagship course that’s helped thousands of Pilatinis® scale from 5 to 8 figures in a year! Which logo do you like best?” (PS, that’s my trademark – and part of the joke.)
  • Agency is NOT a place for you to sell to each other. It is a place for you to learn how to sell to your audience. Because the other members here in Agency probably also know your audience, just in a different time zone, country, or language.
  • We have, however, created a safe place to share your events, guest speakers, etc, over at #your-events. You can always mute this channel if you want.
  • And let’s keep things positive, to help each other make strides. To that effect:
  • Post your wins! We have a #wins channel for that. Winning is contagious.
  • Please keep the language upbeat. Not fake-upbeat, but if you’re in a whiny, victimy mood (which we all get in), try & reframe it – OR, you can post in our #i-need-a-moment channel, which is dedicated to feeling angry and needing a place to vent. 
  • We would encourage you to also post a win on the same day you are posting a moment, because have you noticed that reading complain-y posts brings you down?

Other than that, grab a mat & start mingling!

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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