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join our AGENCY coaching team for seven days of tackling your biz struggles.

in AGENCY MINI – virtually – January, 2023

Are you feeling stuck in your fitness business, or that you just need to work more hours and get more clients? Are you afraid of your clients going on vacation during the summer, or are struggling to take a day off for you? Maybe you wonder if you will never not worry about your income, your business… or you keep trying out the stuff you see others doing, but really it’s just making you work more, and not make more money or time for yourself.

If you keep convincing yourself that just getting one more certification is going to make the clients roll in… Were any of us ever trained on how to run a business when we became a teacher?

I know I wasn’t!

And I’ve felt every bit of the above in my business teaching career.

But we can tell you from experience and coaching over 1200 business in the past 10 years that having CLARITY around who you are and how you help people is the FIRST step towards having a profitable business.

In our 7 day mini version of our coaching group, AGENCY, we will cover the first of five steps to growing your business. We will help you figure out how much you should be charging so you don’t have to guess, help you create that clarity about exactly how you help people and still have a life, and answer any other question you have around your business.

So that you can do more of what you love – TEACH!

xx-Lesley Logan


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