Notes 2 Inspire: Get Unstuck

Feeling stuck is one of the most awful feelings in life and in your business. And, most of us will get stuck more often than we want. But, getting unstuck quicker is the key success. When you’re feeling stuck try these tips out. And, remember, “clarity comes from action and action is the antidote to fear.”


Notes 2 Inspire: Get Out of Your Own Way!

Stand up! Yep, as you read this stand up. Ok, please stand up while you read this. I want you to feel something that happens in your mind on a regular basis with your own body. Yes, in your mind you do something probably without even noticing it. You limit yourself. So, stand up and try this with me.

Stretch your arms up to the sky and see how far you can stretch.

Hold it for a second!

Does it feel good to stand up and stretch as much as you can?

Ok, relax.

Now, stand up and do it again. But, this time I want you to stretch 2 inches taller than before.


Oh my, doesn’t that feel so good!

Now, go ahead and relax. Did you stretch taller the second time?

Why is it that the second time you stretched taller when I asked you to but the first time you didn’t get that far?

The first time I asked you to do as much as you can and somehow the second time because I suggested it you could get taller. The first time you could have done it but you stopped yourself. Your brain said this is as far as I can go. But it wasn’t.

In life, we hit roadblocks, obstacles and limiting thoughts on a daily basis. It’s our own mind that is keeping us for doing more.

This week, notice where you are holding yourself back and tell yourself you can do two more inches.


Notes 2 Inspire: Action is the Antidote to Fear

Have you ever felt paralyzed by fear? The “what if’s” take over your mind! The spiral of thoughts that takes you from feeling confident and excited about a project or your day, your big event, your workshop, your speech, your new client and you insert dream here.

I know I am not the only one who feels this way. I know every single one of us feels at some point or every day a moment of fear, not being good enough, not being ready.

But, while I know you know you are ready, enough and it’s your turn. When those “what if’s” get into your mind’s eye then you need something more than a “high-five” or a “you got this” you need the antidote to fear!

At that antidote is ACTION!

Take action. Don’t sit there and entertain the what if’s. There are even more what if’s in life than you could ever dream up. There will be evidence to support whatever you search for. So, instead of thinking about all the reasons why you’re not ready, or you can’t do the thing. DO SOMETHING!

Do one thing towards your goal. Get up and move! Take action. I promise you will feel the most in control of your life if you take action.

This week, if you feel the thoughts of fear creep in, Take ACTION!