Notes 2 Inspire: What Did You Do?

How often do you end your day or week thinking “I didn’t do_____.”

I noticed that I would end my day before dinner lamenting over all the things I didn’t do. And, the effort it took me to acknowledge what I did do was more energy than I had at that hour.

My lamenting and un-ending to-do list began to annoy me. And one night I caught myself. I had been running through all the things I didn’t do and then I found myself saying “But I did do ___.”

That but broke the spell.

I fell lighter, more excited and even proud.

After that, I kept going. But I did do this and I did do that and I also did those things I started yesterday!

This week, when you hear yourself saying all the things you didn’t do finish the sentence and add But I did do____.

You got this!