Notes 2 Inspire: You can do Anything. But…

I have done a few different interviews in the last week and they have all included a question about “how do I do it all?” And, the truth is I don’t. But, I have tricks up my sleeve for figuring out how to do all the things.

  1. Know what my strengths are and do those things
  2. Hire/Delegate things that are my weaknesses to that fall into others strengths.
  3. Do what lights my fire and let go of what doesn’t.

But, then I was listening to Pilates Unfiltered and Pilates Nerd Karen Ellis referenced the David Allen quote “You can do anything! But, you cannot do everything.”

I love this! And, especially while I am in Siem Reap, Cambodia I’m 15 hours ahead of my local time, and I only have a few things handy. Plus, I am leading a Pilates Retreat. I cannot do all the things I always do and really cannot do everything that needs to get done.

Giving myself permission to do anything but not everything is key to being present and letting go.

This week, what will you give up to someone else, give up entirely and what will you keep for yourself?


PS I’ll be back in LA the week of the 25th, London Mid March and back here in Siem Reap in November. Which is good practice for doing anything I want but not everything I want or need.



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