Notes 2 Inspire: Make It Real as Quickly as You Can!

Do you keep your desires, dreams, ideas or goals a secret?

I often hear people say they are working on things or they have some ideas but they don’t want to share it with anyone just yet.

Does that sound like you?

Keeping your wants and dreams a secret doesn’t help you make them a reality. If you share them with others you will not only get amazing support and probably help to make your want a reality. But, when you tell people what you are working on it makes it REAL!

When your idea or thought is real you truly are more likely to do it!

I have this thing about telling someone an idea I have quickly. It lets me hear it out loud, which lets me feel what it sounds like. It also makes me have to work on it.

When I told people I was opening a studio it forced me to order my equipment! I know if I had waited to tell people about my studio opening even two weeks later it would have delayed my order at least another 2 weeks.

There is a study out there that says only 98% of people act on any of their ideas. That means only 2% of people make their ideas happen. Statistically, no one is going to steal your idea. So, go ahead and shout it from the rooftops. Make your idea REAL!

The sooner you do that, the sooner you can see it happen.


PS. Just because you make it real doesn’t mean you are married to it. If you discover it’s not what you want you can totally hit the period on that idea and move on to another one.


Notes 2 Inspire: You Don’t Have to Wait in Line

Living in LA I often drive by filming studios, clubs, bars and music venues and there are lines of people waiting to get in. I’ve seen news stories on people who camp out for movie releases, the latest iPhone or tennis shoe. And, I’m not hating on any of that. If waiting in line to get something you desire works for you then go for it.

But, one of the things I have been noticing as a common theme for many “successful” people is that not one of them waited in line for someone to let them in the front door. Some of the most famous entrepreneurs, celebrities and speakers got where they are because the line was too long so they went around to the back door or window. Steven Speilberg apparently got someone to notice his movie by getting a three-day set pass and dressing like an exec, said hi to the security guards like he knew them and made those three days last a week or so. His tenacity caught someone’s eye and that person helped him get his first movie in front of the gatekeepers and he became the youngest director.  He didn’t wait in any line.

And why should you?

Who said that you have to wait your turn?

Tell me, do you have an idea for something and desire to do it but you don’t think you’re “ready” yet? That’s your fear telling you to wait in line.

Has someone said you have a golden idea and you have to make it happen and you have a million reasons why you can’t yet? Another line.

Have you launched something and it didn’t have the impact you wanted so you moved on? Another line.

Sometimes the line moves fast and you can get in the front door. But, if there’s a back door, window or helping hand go for it!

I promise you, you’re not cutting in front of anyone by finding another way in. I know this because there is no pie of success, money or abundance. If you find success, make money or enjoy abundance it doesn’t affect my ability or anyone else’s ability to have those things too.

So, this week, skip the line and see what happens!


Notes 2 Inspire: Do You Know Where Your Keys Are?

If you see me in real life you know that I am happy! And, I don’t mean that in a braggy way. I mean that in a possible way. Meaning, I believe that everyone deserves to be happy and that everyone has the opportunity to be happy.

And, hey, I get it, it’s easy for me, someone who is happy to say we should all be happy. But, it’s true. You just have to believe that not only is being happy possible. But, that it is possible for YOU!

So, if you believe that being happy is possible for you then it just takes you finding the keys to your happiness!

Guess, what!? Finding the keys to your own happiness is really easy. Are you ready for it?

Your key’s to your own happiness is in YOUR pocket!

Yep, it’s true.

You want to know how I know?

Well, for years I searched for my happiness in my past jobs, past friendships or romantic relationships. I searched high and low and thought they were in purses I didn’t own yet or the trending outfits that I hadn’t bought yet. But you know what?

One day I found my keys to my own happiness and they were in my pocket the whole time.

So, go grab your keys and open the door to your happiness.

Are you ready?


Notes 2 Inspire: Choose Your Independence Day

I am writing this birthday of the United States. A day known as Independence day here where I live most of the time. This holiday is one full of memories for me. As a child, my family made it to baseball games to watch the fireworks. As an adult, I have found myself surrounded by my local “family.” But, this holiday is more than fireworks for me. On this holiday 11 years ago I moved to Los Angeles.

I’ll never forget that night, driving up the 405 North with the last of my belongings to my new home in LA. Fireworks going off everywhere my eyes could see. I knew that the decision to move to LA was integral in what was next in my life. I didn’t really know then what was to come. But, I was desiring change and for the universe to show me what was next and when my gut said move to LA I made that happen.

Moving to LA was just the start and my Pilates teaching journey birthed from it. I can honestly say if I hadn’t discovered Pilates when I did I not only wouldn’t be where I am today I wouldn’t be with who I am today. Pilates not only was part of my destiny it is the thread that gave me my friends, whose friends gave me the introduction to my now husband.

That move to LA on the celebration day of Independence was also my day of Independence. I was going rogue from the typical journey. The plan that most college graduates could go. Even against what my bosses at the time thought my journey should be.

Today, well, when you read this, yesterday, is another year of independence for me. A new one! I can’t tell you yet what exciting new part of my journey is happening but I can tell you that no matter what day you celebrate your independence the important thing is that you do! You, wherever you are in the gorgeous world can choose any day to be the day you decide to be you, do you and follow that voice inside!

Are you being called to do something, move somewhere, make a decision, change course, do something bold? I bet you are! And, I know it can be scary AF! But, I also know it’s exactly what you are supposed to do. Listen to your inner voice. 11 years later I am so glad I did.

This week, what will you do to hear that voice better?


Notes 2 Inspire: Stop Pretending!

The other day I was getting ready to have one of those spiral moments. You know, those moments where you fear what can go wrong, you picture how that failure will go down, and then all the things that will happen because of it. The slippery slope continues until you’re in a ball, tears streaming down your face, you’ve failed in the biggest way. Does that resonate? Or, maybe it’s just me? Anyways, I was on the brink of spiraling. And, my husband stood there and asked me, “How is this time different than before?”

See, I wasn’t about to attempt something so new I hadn’t done something similar to this before. In fact, I think most of us tend to do the same things and maybe we uplevel them…more people, more money, more to lose. But, even if the scale is bigger then gist, the skill set is something that we have.

His question stopped me in spiraling tracks. How was this time any different than the times before? Sure the audience was bigger if I “failed” it was going to be on a bigger stage. But, a bigger audience didn’t mean I was changing my speech or changing my point. My teaching wasn’t changing in any way. So, why on earth was I pretending that I didn’t know how to do the thing I had been hired to do?

My dears, as go on our journey and the stakes get bigger it’s easy to think that each opportunity is different than the one before. That we aren’t ready, that we are frauds, that people are going to find out. That, somehow we have managed to get where we are without actually knowing how to do the thing. But, if we are super honest with ourselves we are pretending. We are no owning our strengths or our gifts. We are pretending not to know what we know.

So this week, when a problem arises when it starts to feel like you’re about to fall on your face and embarrass yourself remember that you do know how to slay. That you have all the skills you need to do the thing. That this is an opportunity to shine not to shy. And, people don’t ask people to do things when they know they cannot do it. They ask those they know who can.


Notes 2 Inspire: Rejection is Information

Rejection sucks. It hurts. It’s a total let down if you were super excited about something and then the door feels like it slams in your face. Fear of Rejection is real and is a massive block for many of us doing the things that we feel compelled to do!

But, what if Rejection got a total facelift. What if instead of thinking about Rejection as a bad thing, as something to fear and as a reason for not launching the product, sharing the post or idea or asking someone to join you on something we saw it as necessary feedback?

Ok, don’t stop reading just yet, hear me out. When we put ourselves out into the public there is always the possibility that we will be loved by some, liked by others, maybe others will just be neutral and then, of course, there will be the rejecters. Their rejection doesn’t mean you should do the thing you want to do. Rather, it just means they are not your audience. They are not your client, they are not someone you have to spend another moment trying to convince.

See, here’s the thing, it’s easy to think that you, your product or business is for anybody and everybody. But, it’s not and it can’t be and if you continue with that mindset no one will hear you or see your product because you cannot talk to everyone at the same time. When you, your idea, product etc gets rejected it is feedback to help you go out there and do the thing again!

But this time you’ll be even better at it! You’ll know who to talk to and who you don’t need to worry about. Rejection is integral growing your idea from a piece of paper to out in the world and beyond.

So, the next time you get a big, massive rejection thank them. They just helped you in more ways than they will ever know!


Notes 2 Inspire: You can do Anything. But…

I have done a few different interviews in the last week and they have all included a question about “how do I do it all?” And, the truth is I don’t. But, I have tricks up my sleeve for figuring out how to do all the things.

  1. Know what my strengths are and do those things
  2. Hire/Delegate things that are my weaknesses to that fall into others strengths.
  3. Do what lights my fire and let go of what doesn’t.

But, then I was listening to Pilates Unfiltered and Pilates Nerd Karen Ellis referenced the David Allen quote “You can do anything! But, you cannot do everything.”

I love this! And, especially while I am in Siem Reap, Cambodia I’m 15 hours ahead of my local time, and I only have a few things handy. Plus, I am leading a Pilates Retreat. I cannot do all the things I always do and really cannot do everything that needs to get done.

Giving myself permission to do anything but not everything is key to being present and letting go.

This week, what will you give up to someone else, give up entirely and what will you keep for yourself?


PS I’ll be back in LA the week of the 25th, London Mid March and back here in Siem Reap in November. Which is good practice for doing anything I want but not everything I want or need.