Notes 2 Inspire: Who is in Your Future?

If you are the average of the 5 people you surround yourself with do you like the answer?

If I looked at your calendar would I see the people you want in your future in it?

Creating space and time for the people we want in our future starts today.

This week, who are you making space for?


Notes 2 Inspire: You Can Do Hard Things

When bad things happen we get frustrated, annoyed, disappointed. When multiple bad things happen in a day or week it’s easy to feel down, or worse, like the world is against you. But, have you ever looked back at how you got to where you are? What do you see? When I look back at the time I was homeless, carless and had no studio I realize that everything amazing I have now was from that “hard” time. So, let’s talk about how you can do hard things.



Notes 2 Inspire: Be More Expensive

If you discount yourself you will be discounted. Best advice I ever got before becoming a Pilates teacher. If you charge more, add more value, and be unapologetic about it you will attract a clientele who is looking for someone who values themselves! How can you own being more expensive?