Notes 2 Inspire: Easy Does It

I am on the PLANE! I made it! We Made it! Brad and I. And, I have to say there were three times I thought for sure we weren’t going to make it. And, inside I wanted to freak out. Have you ever felt like that at the airport?

Anyways, each time I felt the creep of panic I remembered that I am focusing on ease. Keeping things cool, calm. Calling out the panic and realizing that all those people we were in line with, they all have to get on the plane too. We all can’t miss this flight!

I say this from my window seat.

So, clearly, I made it.

And, you can practice this too!

Today, before I was late for my flight, stood in too long a line and then watched as my bag sat there waiting to be dropped down after it’s security screening and yet it just sat there. Every second felt like 10 minutes! Before all this chaos I was calm.


I mean, it was kind of funny how many people I spoke with on the phone or in person who commented on how calm I was when they found out I was flying out so soon.

I smiled with delight because that’s exactly what I wanted. I wanted to keep today easy.

To keep things easy today I didn’t over plan my schedule. In fact, I gave myself an hour to do what took 10 min. Two hours for things that took a half hour. It was amazing!

Here’s the thing my friends, everything, literally EVERYTHING takes longer than you expect! So, just keep that in mind. Feel the panic, anxiety and overwhelm. But, don’t keep in inside. Say out loud how you are feeling and how you want to feel.

If you want things to feel easy ask yourself what would have to happen for “this” to be easy?

I know, sounds simple, but, how often do we choose the simple thing?

This week, easy does it!

Keep Calm, Do your thang!


Gotta run, taking off, I’ll be in Cambodia! You’ll have to join me next time.