Notes 2 Inspire: Getting Comfortable with Uncertainty

When things don’t go as planned it can send you on a spiral that makes you feel like the whole world is against you! But, what would happen if you got comfortable with not being able to control things? What if you could bounce back faster? How would that affect your life, your business and more?


Notes 2 Inspire: It’s Ok to be Human

Ever get frustrated with yourself?

Yeah, me either!

Ha just kidding.

But, seriously, I have found that when I get frustrated its due to some sort of expectation I placed on myself. For example, I wanted to get 5 blogs written in one afternoon. I didn’t get any written and I was starting to feel like I was a bit of a “failure” on my to-do list.

Even as I write that I cringe at how awful that sounds and you are probably already getting ready to tell me that “it’s all going to be ok, don’t be so hard on yourself.”

And, if the shoe were on the other foot I would say the same things. But, the point is we should be able to tell ourselves these kind words.

I know that you too have been hard on yourself for not meeting your own expectations.

There are quotes and meme’s and even a past “note 2 inspire” on talking to yourself as if you were your own best friend!

But, it’s not just so that you say nice words to yourself. The thing is my friends is that we are human. We (luckily) are not perfect. We will make mistakes, miss deadlines, change our minds.

Yes, I would love for you to tell yourself you’re awesome all the time. But, it can be even simpler than that. You can just recognize you’re human!

You are a human and that’s amazing!

You will meet and miss deadlines. You will rock and you will not rock as much all the time.

And, instead of getting upset at yourself or trying to pump yourself up try to just remember that you are a human being. You’re not a robot or a superhuman.

This week, if you don’t do something you expected to do instead of wasting time beating yourself up pinch yourself to feel you are human and make adjustments to the plan!

You got this!


Notes 2 Inspire: Boundaries Not Barriers

I’ve been thinking a lot about the difference between Boundaries and Barriers. As a teacher, a coach, a friend, wife and overall human its easy to say yes when we mean to say no, feel obligated to do things or simply want to help others.

Talking to others recently had me really diving into the differences of these words. I was listening to people I work with and realizing that some were putting up barriers instead of setting boundaries. .

Boundaries: a line that marks the limits of an area; a dividing line.
Barriers: a fence or other obstacle that prevents movement or access.

I think its incredibly important to have boundaries around your work schedule, life, and business relationships. But, remember boundaries are a “line” or in my imagination written in pencil or pen, not sharpies or cement.

If we build walls aka barriers around our life we can’t move those walls should our goals change. If we build walls in order to control things they only box us in. But a line, a boundary, we can move that as needed. The key is that WE can move our own boundary, not that anyone can move your boundary line.

This week, if you feel like you’re hitting a wall everywhere you go maybe you are? Maybe, its a wall you built when you meant to draw a line?

Take a look where you have walls and where you have boundaries. Double check that they are all within your design.