Notes 2 Inspire: Getting Comfortable with Uncertainty

When things don’t go as planned it can send you on a spiral that makes you feel like the whole world is against you! But, what would happen if you got comfortable with not being able to control things? What if you could bounce back faster? How would that affect your life, your business and more?


Notes 2 Inspire: Say What You Want Out Loud

Do you keep your dreams a secret? Tell me if this sounds familiar… You have an idea for your life or your business but you don’t want to share it. You don’t want anyone to copy what you are doing. You keep it to yourself until you’re “ready.” How often does that work out for you? When was the last time something you wanted you kept secret and then it happened? If you have been successful this way that’s amazing. But, as I look back at all the things I have that I wanted the ones that have come to fruition came because of the help of others. Because I told somebody something I wanted.

For example, people ask me how I got my retreat space in Cambodia often. I tell them, I wanted it and I told everyone in Siem Reap what I wanted. I told them what I was planning on doing. And, even though when I was there and there were no possible retreat spaces to buy I just kept telling people I knew there what I was looking for. One day, a house that was not listed became available. Someone told someone and that person told someone who I had told what I wanted. And boom! I got it!

I only have my house there because I did not keep my plans a secret.

My retreat space was not from manifestation alone. It was from the help of others!

Here’s the thing. I could have been worried someone else would hear my idea and copy me. But, life is too short to worry about that. And the truth is 98% of people will never act on their dreams. Isn’t that insane!?

And, an even better thing, people want to help you! They want you to be happy! They want to be part of the story that is YOU.

So, this week, don’t keep to yourself what it is that you want! Tell someone what you’re working on. Who knows who they know who could have the keys to your dreams.


Notes 2 Inspire: Are You Doing it For the Money?

They say to do what you love! You only live once! But, sometimes what you love doesn’t always pay the bills. But, does that mean you do something you don’t love because of the money? Does that mean you get a gig that pays the bills and then some and dabble in what you love?

I mean, what are you supposed to do if what you love doesn’t get you the money you need?

To be honest I don’t have the answer to that question. Mostly, because there are a multitude of answers depending on who you are, what you do and how much money you need/want to make.

But, what I can say is that if you are doing it solely for the money it’s not going to work out. You will not feel good selling it, talking about it or sharing it. For example, I see people trying to sell a product or course they don’t love or care for, they may have even created it but they did it for the payoff not because it fed their soul. And because of the drive behind it being the money they not only sound unauthentic it either doesn’t sell or they feel out of alignment afterward. I’m sure thats not exactly how they define it. They probably just feel like binging out on food, shopping or other libations.

They say that the further away you are from your calling the more anxiety and stress you are going to find yourself in. Why? Because you are trying to fit yourself into a hole that’s not the right size.

So, sure, you made a lot of money. But, you’re not doing what your gift is. So, then all those people who could be receiving your gift are also missing out. And, you don’t reap the benefits of giving your gift.

This week, as you decide what projects to say yes to, as you decide what tasks take precedence just ask yourself why you are doing it? If it’s for the money could you set it aside and spend 15 minutes thinking about ways doing more of what you love could be part of your life? Write down 10 ideas every day about how you could do more of what you love!

I know this sounds easier said than done. I know you may be sitting there with a mountain of bills. But, I also can say that I left a “secure” job with a salary and vacation time during the recession to be a full-time Pilates instructor. And, now, almost 10 years after leaving that job I not only pay my bills but I get paid doing what I love. The difference is I’m not doing it for the money. I do it because I love it, I feel energized after each and every day, even the long ones. I used to shop and go out more often because I “deserved it for all the work I had been doing.” But, once I started working on projects because I loved doing them and not for the security or the money they would provide my whole world shifted.

Was it easy?

Nope! And sometimes it’s still not. Tech happens, people don’t do what I expect or things don’t launch when I want. But, at the end of the day I’m doing what I was born to do. I am using my gifts. And those gifts give loads more to those I teach and coach. And, that in turn, gives back tenfold.

So, what ideas will you think up? What do you love doing? How can you do more of it?


Notes 2 Inspire: And, Now, this is How it is

Ever feel like you just keep getting hit with roadblocks, events, delays, wrong turns, things out of your control, insert anything here?

I’m a massive planner and love to design my schedule around my goals and things that fuel my soul. But, rarely does the schedule I design for the week go exactly as planned. Does that sound familiar to you?

On most days a little derailment is not noticeable. But, there are days when one thing has a domino effect and this can throw everything off, including the confidence in who we are and what we do.

But, what if we just got used to that?

What if we planned for the ideal and then as things changed outside of our control we just said: “and, now, this is how it is?”

Flight is late…and now this is how it is.

Hair appointment canceled…and now this is how it is.

Car sideswiped so now the car is in the shop…and now this is how it is.

Positive awesome opportunity presents itself…and now this is how it is.

What if this week instead of getting frustrated with thing out of your control you reframed it with and now this is how it is? How do you think that would feel?


How to Put Your Goals in First

I’ll never forget the first time I sat down to do my goals. I did the whole 10-year vision and plan with them. I loved it! I couldn’t believe the daring goals I had written down. And, for the most part, all of those goals happened within three years not ten! But, a few didn’t. And, it took me another goal setting experience, a panic attack and a few more years to figure out why. Sure, there was a goal or two that really just sounded good but wasn’t truly my own. But, a couple others were things I really did want to happen. But, they hadn’t and it wasn’t because they were out of my control. Nope, they were totally within my reach. I just hadn’t put them first. I had not put me first!

As Pilates Instructors and Studio Owners it is not always easy to put our wants, needs and desires first. In fact, sometimes it just feels impossible!! But, the thing is while we are in the “service industry” we are not of service to others. If we do not put our goals in our schedule they will not happen and we will lose inspiration. If we do not put our ideas in place and even fail along the way we will wonder why we are doing what we are doing. We will feel the exhaustion that comes from pushing a boulder up a hill. We will start to resent our clients, our work and feel powerless in our circumstances. And, doesn’t that just sound awful?

When I first became a Pilates Instructor I had a very grandiose idea for what I was going to do and be as an instructor. And, just like my goals setting earlier I hit most of them. And a few others I actually denounced and said to those who knew of them that I didn’t really want them or that now wasn’t the right time. Truthfully, I was so busy making others goals happen that I didn’t have the time or energy to give to my own. And, I didn’t believe my goals were possible, I mean, who was I to want those goals?

Well, I wish someone had told my newbie teacher self what I know now. If you want it, you do the work and you maintain control over your schedule and needs you can have it all and it will happen. But, the problem isn’t that you don’t know what you want, and it’s not really that you don’t have the skills or deserve it. It’s that you have to make a space for your magic to happen.

But, as teachers and studio owners, it’s easier to say yes to a client, to come in on our day off or to stay for another hour to get a client in. It’s easier to cover for a teacher instead of getting someone else. It’s easier to do it all ourselves rather than delegate it out! Is this sounding familiar?

Last week I had the opportunity to take a couple days off during the week. During days I usually teach. I almost turned it down. But, one of my goals has always been that I can travel more often. That I can have a schedule that is flexible to me taking a trip for work or for fun. So before I hit send on my declined response I remembered my goals. And, I said yes instead.

Sure, it required me to move a lot of peeps. But, my schedule has to reflect my goals. And, it didn’t always do that…hence the panic attack several years ago. I was stressed beyond my abilities because I was trying to do others goals and fit in my own. And, since getting that straightened out I have made a point to always put my schedule together first. But, I know you’re wondering how do you do that? So, let me stop talking about me and give you tips to help you!

  1. Know what you want! If you don’t we can’t create a schedule around nothing
  2. You have to commit and protect it! Your clients, team, family, and friends do not mean to take you away from your goals. They don’t know that when they ask to come in at 5 pm on a Monday that they are asking for you to give up on your favorite class. You have to tell them “No, I am not available at that time. But, I have ___ or ____.”
  3. Do one thing a day towards your goals. If you put off the action items that help propel you towards what you want you can’t magically get what you want. Isn’t the definition of luck where preparation meets opportunity. You have to do the preparation so that you can find the intersection.
  4. Say No more often…I know this is basically a repeat of #2 but it’s that important! You cannot say yes to everyone and You. So, before you respond to something practice artful ways of saying no. For example, “let me check my schedule and get back to you.” Or, “I’d love to but, until the ____ I cannot take on any projects right now.”
  5. Once a week check in and make sure you are putting you in the schedule first. I used to only check on my goals quarterly. But, then I noticed that I would skip a few weeks on my stuff and my stress levels would start to rise. So, I started doing a weekly check-in. This helps me stay on top of what I need to be doing each week.
  6. Get an accountability partner! Tell someone close to you what you are working on so that it’s even harder to say “yes” to someone else and “no” to yourself. If you are really good at putting yourself last get a few accountability partners!
  7. Give yourself a break! If you miss a week, say yes when you should have said no or feel like your goals have changed it’s all OK! Start over where you left off.
  8. Design you Dream Schedule! This is the biggest KEY to all of these tips. And, if you need help I LOVE doing this! You can do it with me one-on-one or take my course here.

Here’s the deal my friend! I am a massive believer in doing business un-usual! I don’t think there is room for you to be the same as any teacher out there or to run your studio the way others have. I believe there is plenty of room and success out there if you run your business YOUR way! With your goals, your needs and your vision in mind.

So, what’s your dream schedule look like?



Notes 2 Inspire: Want Your Dreams More

You have to want your DREAMS more than your DRAMA

What do you want for today, tomorrow, next year, future…?

Why haven’t you been able to do it?

Have you ever heard yourself making an excuse for not doing something? Like “I wanted to write that down but I didn’t have a pen”

Or, maybe you qualify by saying “its hard because…”

Or, maybe you don’t have enough “time.”

Here’s the thing…I do not doubt that there are tough barriers along the way to getting what you want. And, I would be lying if I didn’t admit that every day I catch myself making up an excuse why something won’t work or didn’t work.

But, then I stop myself. I reverse the thought. I think about what I could have done to remember my to-do list if I didn’t have a pen? I think about what I would have done if it wasn’t “hard.” I ask myself what if it were easy? What if I had enough time? What would I do?

I also, get angry at my excuses. I tell them to get the F out! Because they are holding me back. It’s so much more comfortable to stay where I am, even if it means not getting what I want because I know what’s behind door #3. It’s so freaking hard to go out into the world each day towards an outcome I know nothing about. It’s safe to repeat the past even if we want a different outcome. It’s scary AF to put yourself out there and risk all the things to try something new! I so feel you on this. I experience this fear all the time.

And, I don’t always get what I wanted. But, I learn more about myself, my goal, my drive and this fabulous universe every day. In fact, I have often not received what I wanted when I want it. But, I can say as I sit here and write this that I have received more than I could have asked for.

Do I feel exhausted…sure sometimes the journey is tiring. Do I cry and feel insecure? Absolutely, happens all the time. Especially when I am not going towards my goals. When I am spending too much time on my limiting beliefs it is emotionally overwhelming. Taking action feels empowering.

So, my friends, My Pilates and Fitness pro’s, why am I sharing this with you? Because I so get that it’s not as easy as we want it to be. That some things are (actually MOST things are) easier said than done.

But, you’re so not alone. What do you need help with today?

This week, I hope you can take some time to write down what you really want. Then write down what you think your barriers are. Then turn those barriers into directions on where to go. If you want help just ask!


Notes 2 Inspire: Do You Keep Running into a Wall?

Hitting your head against a wall?  Turn around.

I swear when I heard that I laughed out loud. It was quite a serious moment in the person’s speech and I broke the moment of truth with a laugh.

Because think about it, how many times have you been banging down a wall expecting that hit to be the one to open up the keys to the kingdom only to finally see the door to the right or left or just behind you?

I fly often and one of the things they say on every flight that no one is listening to is “be aware that the nearest exit might be behind you.”

We get so focused on what’s in front of us that we think that we have to move forward to move forward but sometimes there’s a nearer route right behind you.

So, this week if you bang your head then try turning around and open the door!


Goal: Set, Delete, Repeat!

Who decided your teaching schedule? Who set your personal goals? Who influenced your professional goals?

If the answer to those questions isn’t You, You and You then we need to talk my Pilates pal! Here’s the deal, and I am going to get pretty honest with you if you do not set your own goals someone will be making sure you’re working towards their goals.

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How to Never say Yes when you mean No in Your Pilates Business

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Want to know what I want in 2017?

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