Notes 2 Inspire: Playing It Safe Will Feel Worse

It’s hard to do the work that is outside of your comfort zone. It’s hard to know if it’ll be worth it> If it will work or even what to do next. But, staying where you are, playing it safe or small will feel even worse. What can you do differently this week?
What feels unsafe?


Notes 2 Inspire: Want a Breakthrough? Do Something Different!

Yes, I know you’ve heard the saying the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting something different.

Hearing something and getting honest with yourself is a much bigger deal.

It requires awareness and absolute honesty.

If you’ve been trying to exercise more but you don’t make room in your schedule, you don’t sign up for classes that hold you accountable then will “more exercise” magically happen?

Of course not.

If you want to make more money but you don’t increase productions or costs on what you do to make money then how will “more” happen?

If you’re sitting here, reading this wishing you were more present, less judgmental of your own self or just doing the thing you’ve been wanting and believe you should be doing and you are not approaching any of these areas from a different start then you will not have the breakthrough you are desiring.

It’s pretty simple really.

Maybe not in application but in explanation.

If path a leads to the forest and path b leads to the river and patch c leads to the magic and you keep choosing A either enjoy the forest or try a different path.

But, don’t stand there in the forest and wonder why you’re not finding the magic.

If you want today to end up differently than yesterday try a new route to work, linger somewhere a little longer, say hi to a stranger, tell a friend a goal you’ve been keeping secret, say out loud what you’re avoiding, do something bold!

Tomorrow can be different if today you adjust your compass.

Life’s a process, not a loop.