How To Set and Hit Your Goals in 2018

I am a goal setter and achiever! I absolutely love goals. But, I know many people have been feeling the pressure of goals and resolutions. How can do you set goals that you can achieve in 2018 without feeling discouraged or like a failure if they do not happen?

First, let’s just get honest about goal setting. Goal setting is not a task list or a to-do list. Goals are not boxes to be checked off. They are steps in the direction of your journey. They are turns, hills, and mountains that strengthen you and change you. When you set goals that are in line with where you want to go, how you want to feel and what you desire to see the path towards them can be windy, scary and exhilarating. And, there are times when on my journey I feel like I’m going in circles or not going anywhere. But, that is not the same as failing at achieving my goal. It’s merely a plateau on the journey. And a plateau is a great spot to look back at what you’ve done, what worked and what didn’t and then when armored with the tools of experience a plateau is a great place to start back on your journey towards your personal goals.

I have never had a todo list that compares to the work I do for my goals. My task list looks a lot like a grocery list.

Before you set your goals for this year (and beyond) take some time to think about where you want to be in your future (pick any age), who you want to be surrounded by, how it feels, what you do in a day etc. Paint yourself a picture. The first time I did this I wrote about a specific day and what I was doing to prepare for the week ahead.

Then, reverse engineer this picture. For me, I was being picked up from LAX after teaching a Pilates workshop overseas. This meant that I was still calling LA home but was teaching workshops. And not just workshops in LA, out of the country.  So the goals that I needed to write were:  book a workshop overseas >teach workshops in the states >teach workshops in LA > create a workshop > study and get as curious as I can about what I love teaching.

You reverse engineer your big vision into medium morsels and then into smaller more attainable tasks you can do today that lead to tomorrow.

There is a set of stairs near me that when you are at the bottom, it is impossible to see the top of the stairs. But, I can see the six steps in front of me. Every flight of stairs is a goal, and each flight leads to the next. I can’t do or even stress about the goals on the 8th floor if I haven’t done floors one through three. And, that’s the best part! I don’t need to worry about flights four and above. Or even, three and above. I just need to worry about the first steps. If I can make it up those, then they will prepare me and strengthen me for the steps above them.

And, sometimes we get to a set of stairs that takes longer, requires some repairs or assistance. That is ok! In fact, it’s better than ok. Every set of goals arms us for what is next, asks us how much we care. If we get nervous or even scared, that is excellent news. It means we care about it. They mean something to us!

If your goals don’t light you on fire. Don’t make you excited. Don’t scare you a little bit. Then they are probably just things that would be nice to have but don’t really require you to do more, be more and expand more.

This past month I spent an afternoon with some incredible fitness instructors and influencers from all over the states. We all are ambassadors for Carbon38 Together we meditated and shared a little about ourselves and what we are working on.  We spent time thinking about who we are, what was our purpose and what gives us life! All these answers feed our goals and what we will do today, tomorrow and in the next twelve months. Because your purpose is personal to you, what fuels your soul is a unique potion that only you can drink.

So, what is your purpose? What is your vision? What are your flights of steps from vision level to the floor you are on today? What is one step you can do today that will take you closer to your goals of 2018?

I’d love to hear from you! You can share yours in the comments below, email them to me and if you have your vision and purpose but can’t seem to find your steps. Then let’s talk! Some parts of a journey require a guide.

The year has just begun.

Today is not over yet!

You are ready enough!

Big thanks to YOU my readers for what the blogs we’ve been together for until now and going forward. Thank you to Carbon38 for giving me a day in the sunshine focusing on my soul fuel.

May 2018 be filled with gifts that keep on giving!

PS For tips on how to make room for your goals in your life check out my tutorial here on Pilates Anytime! It’s super short and easy to follow! Use LLOGAN for a free trial of 30 days if not a member.