Notes 2 Inspire: Copy Less, Guess More!

Back when I was a student I hated failing. And, by failing I mean getting anything less than an ‘A’ on an assignment or test. I will never forget the moment I thought about cheating on a test. I remember seeing the answers on my neighbor’s test so clearly and so easily. It was like they were wanting me to see them! But, as my eyes started to zero in and my mind was trying to justify copying my neighbor’s answers someone sneezed. The teacher looked up and I lost my nerve to copy those answers.

I’d like to think I passed some life test but the truth is had that person not sneezed I wonder if I would have copied them. A week later I found out the answers I was about to copy were wrong. I got them correct. Sure I guessed but I still went with my gut on it. That’s when I realized that copying someone else was not going to be the answers I needed in school and this lesson translated into life.

We so often compare ourselves to others. We think the way they share their good news, the font they use, the filters the colors or the hashtags are the keys to whatever kingdom we seek to have. But, the truth is every time to copy someone else you settling to be what they are doing. You cannot be you, grow your life or your business if you are copying someone else. And, worse, you don’t even know if what they are doing is right for them let alone the best step for you!

So, look, I get it, it’s tempting. I mean, the answers are right there. Waiting for us to just copy and do what they are doing. But, if you copy the “competition” or the people who have gone ahead of you, forged a path you will only get as far as they did. And, I know you were meant for more!

This week, where can you break from tradition? What can you do that feels a little scary? What steps can you take that you don’t know the answer to?


Notes 2 Inspire: There is Room for You

When I first became an instructor I figured it would be years before I taught workshops or people to be teachers. I thought retreats were not something I could do. Then not too long after I did begin teaching workshops. And not because I was given permission or teaching someone else’s. But, because there was room for me. And, that means there is room for you too!

Let me explain, there is zero room for you to copy someone else. So, if you are sitting there thinking that I’m wrong at that there is no room, that everyone has done this or that. You are probably right. But, you’re not trying to be them, to copycat anyone.

If you are totally honest, authentic and all things vulnerable there is room for you!

If you show up, fully as your self and unapologetically do your thing there is room for you!

If you do everything the way others have done it. Well, no wonder it’s cramped and feels icky and like you’re going up a stream without a paddle.

Here’s the deal my friends, when you try to do something someone else did because you think it worked for them so it will work for me. The outcome never really feels good.

But, when you do what you feel compelled to do. And you do it with your voice and your intentions and your sweat and tears of joy it feels sooo good!

If you don’t believe me, take a look at how many donut shops there are around you. Cupcake stores, jean brands, and now sparkling water flavors! There is room for YOU!

But, only the WHOLE YOU!

So, are you ready to take up space?

This week, what will you do to show up?