Best Blogs of 2016 for Growing your Pilates Business

It’s the final Monday of 2016! I cannot believe this day has come. It’s been an incredible year here at Profitable Pilates. Time freaking flies! I love the end of the year as it helps mark a time where we can stop, reflect and refine our journey. In just a week we’ll be in 2017, and there is plenty of pressure on the upcoming year already. But, before you go into the New Year with your New goals I believe in taking a look back on what rocked, what fell flat and what perhaps rocked the boat a bit more than you would have liked. If you haven’t done this before, it’s a great way to pat yourself on the back and get ideas about what you want more of in your next year.

I’ve compiled our top blogs as part of our reflection on what worked. Check out what blog is best for your business, for you and what we’re most excited about next in our top blog choices below!

This year we launched a few projects that we are still excited about:

We also continued to refine:

Next year we are:

And now! Without further ado here are our top choices of blogs for YOU:

Biz blog

Gaining clients is essential for your business. Keeping them package after package is not always guaranteed. But, what if it was? What if you could control if your clients stayed consistent in their practice? Check out this blog for client retention in 2017!

Treat yourself blog

I spend most of my teaching hours working with Instructors teaching them Pilates in my studio or online via Skype. It brings joy to my soul when I see instructors getting their Pilates on. Stealing a line from the airlines “put your oxygen mask on first.” Seriously, your Pilates practice is worth a Sharpie, not a pencil and def not a maybe. How often do you Practice Pilates?

What’s next blog

As 2017 rolls in I am most excited about all the Live Webinars we have up our sleeves. The first one is complimentary. It is all about You and Your Pilates goals. We are going to push the envelope and take control of how we do business and create action plans that will rock these new plans! Join me on January 13th 2 pm PST. I’ll also be announcing what the Webinar schedule will be for the first quarter of 2017. Space will be limited so don’t wait. Sign up today!

Most excited about blogs

I’m super excited for what is to come in the future. If you want to join me live, in person or online this blog is for you! On January 28th I’m joining forces with Jeni DelPozo to lead our fourth Pilates Day Retreat. Join us for a deep dive on the not so obvious Pilates pairs between the Mat and the Reformer. If you don’t live in LA, join me and nine others and the magic of Angkor! I only have three spots left at the time I am writing this. In 5 days we will do six classes (one outside a Pagoda at Sunset) 2 days of Temple tours, two workshops deepening your Pilates practice and vegetarian meals. The village of Siem Reap is worth spending the week to explore.

In 2017 we will continue our business blogs for Pilates instructors. If you have questions or requests on specific topics feel free to comment below.

Have a fabulous New Years celebration my Pilates lovers!


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