Profitable Pilates – Autographed Paperback Book


Profitable Pilates: Everything But the Exercises is your “how-to” PIlates Instructor guide.  From choosing the right Pilates program to where you can teach Pilates, marketing yourself, dealing with client scheduling, life and work balance, transitioning from your old career to your new Pilates teaching career, first-time client sessions and so much more!

We’re currently out of stock on the paperback books, but you can still purchase an eBook in English or in Spanish!

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The decision to become a Pilates instructor might be your easiest one. Figuring out which training program to go to, where to teach Pilates when you are done, how much to charge, how to market yourself, dealing with client and scheduling, balancing your work and life and transitioning from your old career to your new PIlates teaching career is the bigger challenge.

Profitable Pilates: Everything But the Exercises is designed to be your “how-to” Pilates business guide. Afterall, teaching Pilates is just a small part of what a Pilates instructor or Studio owner does each and every day.

Let this book be your first step in taking control of your Pilates business so that you can do more of what you love: Teach Pilates!


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2 thoughts on “Profitable Pilates – Autographed Paperback Book

    • Hey Geraldine, we are working on editing and updating it. The paperback version will take longer to get up on the site but the ebook version should be up by end of the month. Fingers crossed! Please make sure you are on our list for updates on when the autographed paperbacks are back in stock! xx~LL

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