2017 Summer Webinar Sessions – Full Pass

Save more than 20% and get access to two bonus webinars if you purchase the Full Pass for the Profitable Pilates 2017 Summer Webinar Sessions, featuring Lesley Logan. (Including webinars that already aired in the past.)


So, you’re interested in joining us for all of the 2017 Profitable Pilates Summer Webinar Sessions? Glad to hear it! The Summer Webinar Sessions are 7 webinars, one every two weeks. Here’s a list of all the webinars you’ll get with the full season pass (including webinars that may already have aired in the past):

  1. Let’s Get SOCIAL with Your Pilates Business Part 1  – June 8th 12:15pm PST ($75 if bought individually)
  2. Let’s Get Social with Your Pilates Business part 2 June 22nd 12pm ($75 if bought individually)
  3. The Riches are in the Niches 7/6 12pm pst ($75 if bought individually)
  4. Attracting New Pilates Clients 7/20 12pm ($75 if bought individually)
  5. Ditching the Churn-Client Retention 8/3 12pm ($75 if bought individually)
  6. How to have a life as a Pilates Instructor 8/12 1pm pst ($60 if bought individually)
  7. Group Classes 8/17 12pm pst ($60 if bought individually)

And, if you purchase the Full Pass for the 2017 Summer Webinar Sessions, you’ll also get these two for free (valued at $135).

  1. BONUS EPISODE: Converting First Time Clients 8/31 4pm pst ($75 if bought individually)
  2. Q & A 9/7 12pm pst ($60 if bought individually)

If you were to pay for all 9 of these webinars individually you would be paying $630, so save more than 20% with this Full Pass (at $495 USD).

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