Want to know what I want in 2017?

I absolutely LOVE New Years! I begin planning and dreaming up what new projects I’ll start for the upcoming year in October. Yes, that means that about three months ago I started writing down my wants and ideas for the year and years to come. Last year my goals and actions were filtered through “Fierce and Fabulous.” This year my goals are themed with “Create.”

I want to create loads of things this year! Not that I am being greedy or planning too much. But, I have been working my plans for about seven years now consistently. The foundation has been set to continue to grow my goals to create more of the life I want to live.

Around 2012 I wrote up what my heart’s desire was for my life ten years and beyond. As each year comes and goes, I am not only closer to that dream, but details of that dream are showing themselves more and more.

This year, to continue my journey I have a few goals I want to share with you each of you:

1) Help more Instructors define what Success means to them and assist them to reach their goals and desires

I’m creating live webinars that are specific to topics that instructors need to grow their business. You can join me for my first one Jan 13th 2 pm pst. For more info check out this post.

2) Teaching more on the road

I’ve got three retreats coming up. One is to my favorite spot in the world Siem Reap, Cambodia. Home to Angkor Wat and many other magical temples. Then I’ll be heading to Maui, Hawaii to team up with Arlene Taus Soloman. Sunrise and Sunset Pilates on the beach. Not to be missed. In June I’ll be doing a retreat in Ojai, Ca.  My retreats are for Pilates lovers of all levels. I want to add three more teaching trips. These can be retreats, workshops or guest teaching. Got an idea for me? Want me to come to where you are? Contact me here. Let’s see what we can work out!

3) Continuing my weekly blogs for Pilates Instructors and Studio Owners

I am committed to posting a new blog every Monday. I only had a few guest bloggers on my site last year. This year I wanted to create space for more guest bloggers. I’m allowing up to 12 guest bloggers, and I still have a few spots left. If you are interested in writing up a post for the Profitable Pilates community, please contact me here. Be sure to include why you want to be a guest writer, topics you are interested in writing about and what month next year would be ideal for you to be featured.

I would love to hear what you are aiming to do this year! Feel free to comment below, email me or join me on the Webinar next week. Happiest of New years, Healthiest of New Years and ps if you didn’t enjoy 2016 before you write up your 2017 intentions take a moment to reflect on what didn’t work, what did work, what you want more of and then how you will make space for that in the coming year. Lastly, put it in your calendar. All of my goals have timelines attached to them. Why? Because if something can be done anytime, then it is often done in no time.



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24/7 Business Coaching with Lesley. Take that first next step.

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