Notes 2 Inspire: What are Your Gifts?

Many years ago I took the Strength Finders 2.0 quiz. If you haven’t heard or done it I highly recommend it! After taking that quiz I took time to evaluate how my strengths were being used (or not used) in my work and life. I started making efforts to delegate out tasks or say no to opportunities that were not using my strengths and saying yes and doubling down on areas that were. These choices really opened up doors for me to follow what I love to do and do more of what I love AND feel super awesome while doing it!

Last month I enjoyed a meditation with a wonderful positive goal speaker who challenged all of us to share our gifts. To announce who we are using our gifts. I recently posted something that shared this on this Instagram post.

I’ll admit it felt different to share something about my gifts rather than use a title about what I do. But, what we do is not who we are. We do so very much! Some of us are teachers, others who read this might be students, doctors, lawyers, writers, etc. You are not the label of your job or career. You are your gifts!

I’ve been studying a few languages lately and the translation of “who are you?” is more like “what are you like?” And, so this week, while we are still in a new year and getting back into routines I thought it would be more fun to challenge you to dive into your gifts. Acknowledge what they are. Share them with those close to you or post them on social and share them with the world. And then, extra credit take a look at your schedule and goals and see how they align (or are not aligned) with your gifts.

This week, be your gifts! Share them with others.

I can’t wait to hear how it goes


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