Notes 2 Inspire: Want Your Dreams More

You have to want your DREAMS more than your DRAMA

What do you want for today, tomorrow, next year, future…?

Why haven’t you been able to do it?

Have you ever heard yourself making an excuse for not doing something? Like “I wanted to write that down but I didn’t have a pen”

Or, maybe you qualify by saying “its hard because…”

Or, maybe you don’t have enough “time.”

Here’s the thing…I do not doubt that there are tough barriers along the way to getting what you want. And, I would be lying if I didn’t admit that every day I catch myself making up an excuse why something won’t work or didn’t work.

But, then I stop myself. I reverse the thought. I think about what I could have done to remember my to-do list if I didn’t have a pen? I think about what I would have done if it wasn’t “hard.” I ask myself what if it were easy? What if I had enough time? What would I do?

I also, get angry at my excuses. I tell them to get the F out! Because they are holding me back. It’s so much more comfortable to stay where I am, even if it means not getting what I want because I know what’s behind door #3. It’s so freaking hard to go out into the world each day towards an outcome I know nothing about. It’s safe to repeat the past even if we want a different outcome. It’s scary AF to put yourself out there and risk all the things to try something new! I so feel you on this. I experience this fear all the time.

And, I don’t always get what I wanted. But, I learn more about myself, my goal, my drive and this fabulous universe every day. In fact, I have often not received what I wanted when I want it. But, I can say as I sit here and write this that I have received more than I could have asked for.

Do I feel exhausted…sure sometimes the journey is tiring. Do I cry and feel insecure? Absolutely, happens all the time. Especially when I am not going towards my goals. When I am spending too much time on my limiting beliefs it is emotionally overwhelming. Taking action feels empowering.

So, my friends, My Pilates and Fitness pro’s, why am I sharing this with you? Because I so get that it’s not as easy as we want it to be. That some things are (actually MOST things are) easier said than done.

But, you’re so not alone. What do you need help with today?

This week, I hope you can take some time to write down what you really want. Then write down what you think your barriers are. Then turn those barriers into directions on where to go. If you want help just ask!


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