Notes 2 Inspire: New Level, New Devil

Do you ever find yourself saying “once I get to ___ it’ll be better”? And, as you get closer and closer to your next level- website launch, new show, bigger space, and goal achieved it almost feels harder. And, then when you finally get a chance to break through. There is more work.

Sure, it’s exciting, I mean, you made it!

And, I want you to CELEBRATE

You did it. You are at the next level in your life, goal or business.

But, I wish someone had told me this theory years ago. Because I would have enjoyed being exactly where I was more.

See, I know you’re working hard. You want to more. You’re trying to move up. To get to the next level. And, if it’s because you’re ready, it’s time and it’s your next step, LEVEL UP MY FRIEND!

But, if you’re leveling up to escape where you are, to get out of the hardships of being where you are then please remember. New Level New Devil.

So, my friend, you got to be ready to level up.

This week, can you see where you are ready to level up and where you are forcing it because you just don’t like how hard your now is.


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2 thoughts on “Notes 2 Inspire: New Level, New Devil

  1. Girl! You have no idea HOW MUCH this resonates. Not from Pilates or my professional life self practice etc, but from motherhood. We had a HARD first year – my daughter literally never slept and I was borderline crazy. Every stage of her development was so hard and I found myself saying so often, if I can just get through this stage it’ll be better, the next phase will be easier, once we get past this life will be easier.
    And then the next phase was just as hard but in a different way. And THEN I realized I was wishing away time with her, which I did not want to do. So I had to reframe the challenges of her development, and figure out how to acknowledge the hard parts and celebrate getting through them without fooling myself into thinking that would be the end of it. Still working on it ha! 😉

    • Elizabeth, thank you so much for sharing this. This is the best story to explain this weeks “notes 2 inspire.” I think we all do this in some form or another. And, sometimes it takes something as important as family to get you to see what you’re doing. And, I too, am still working on enjoying the level I am in. Here’s to at least one week of being where we are! Thank you for your comment and sharing your story! xx~LL

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