Notes 2 Inspire: Life Saving, Wants and Needs

Have you ever not gotten something you really want? You know those times you go for something and you think you have it in the bag, everyone thinks ‘ it’s yours to be had and then you don’t get it? I can think back to Superbowls, Olympics, friends job interviews and my own life and see many examples of outcomes I would have bet my life on going one way only for them to go a completely different way.

And, when it’s your own life you get sad, angry and upset for hours, days or even weeks! When it’s a friend or a team you love you feel like they were robbed. Time goes by and eventually, we get beyond it. Sometimes we look back and are still bummed or even angry we didn’t get the thing we felt we wanted or even deserved.

But, then, sometimes we are granted a gift that we didn’t ask for. Other times we are given a tragic event or a life-altering disaster to deal with and we just think “why me?” And, as our story of life unravels when we look back a few of us are able to see that those moments of not getting what we want were exactly what we needed.

Let me give you some examples, I was listening to a girl talk about being young, about 20 and losing both her legs due to a virus. She was this amazingly active girl and almost lost her life. She now is on a journey that only she could have been prepared for by losing her limbs. She was on Oprah’s SuperSoul Sunday’s talking about it!

An author whose podcast I love to listen to was rejected by over 30 publishers before being picked up by one. His first and second book became best sellers. Then his third book made him almost quit writing altogether. In fact, he did take a pause and started a podcast. That podcast has been the #1 most lucrative thing he has ever done and he has the most fun doing it. Plus, it helped him write two more best sellers. He credits

On a more personal note, I was in a relationship that on paper was the perfect relationship. He never proposed. And, at the time I thought that was what I wanted in life, what was next and mine. Thank goodness that didn’t work out. I broke up with him, spent some time homeless, my car was totaled and the Pilates studio I rented from closed. Literally all in the same month! But, in just a few month life began to put itself on the track I was meant to be on. I met the man I now call my best friend and husband and I’m living the life I envisioned I would.

Sometimes life saves us from what we want to give us what we need.

Did you read that?

Sometimes life SAVES us from what we WANT to GIVE us what we NEED!

Next time you don’t get what you want, be grateful and begin to welcome what is to come. It’s what you need to take you where you are supposed to go.


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