Notes 2 Inspire: Let Others Impress You

Ever been to a party? ha, lame question. Ever been around people you don’t know very well? The answer is probably yes. Can you recall one of the recent party’s you went to? Chances are you knew someone there but you probably also didn’t know other guests. And, there’s a weird thing that happens when we are around others we don’t know. We get nervous, worried or even quiet…we make ourselves small. Because we often think we have to impress these people we don’t know.

But, what if you let others impress you?

What if you could be your fully awesome self, and instead of having to feel like you have to sound cool or impress these strangers you let them impress you?

What questions would you ask? What could you learn? How would the conversation change? How more yourself would you feel?

There is this amazing thing that happens when you ask people to “tell me more.” They get an opportunity to share what they are excited and passionate about. And then they become a little more vulnerable and trust ensues. You learn new things you may never have. You also don’t leave feeling like you didn’t share your truth.

And, people after they share there thing will be excited to hear about your thing. And you’ll feel safe to share what you’re most excited about.

So, go ahead and let others impress you this week!

In fact, I’ll start, I want to hear what you’re most excited about right now. Let me know in the comments below or comment below.


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2 thoughts on “Notes 2 Inspire: Let Others Impress You

  1. Oh my… the first paragraph is totally me! Last year at Momentum Fest I became a total wallflower at the party, I even texted my husband I told him, “I was so nervous and didn’t belong in this room with all these people”. I know it’s crazy right! I have always been super shy (weird considering I teach Pilates) so in this type of situation I just close up and basically try to hide. No more… I’m learning (with your help Lesley) that I’m just as capable as everyone else and I belong! Thanks for all your inspiration and guidance! :~)) You totally Rock and it’s helping me to Rock too! xx~LW

    • OMG Lori! This comment brings tears to my eyes. I am so happy you and I met, you impress me so much! You’re so strong and inspire me. Thank you for sharing this with me, for being you and for rocking your gifts! xx~LL

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